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    When you’re painting a piece, do you first lay down a base of different colors, and then do black over the top of that? Or do you start with black and then lay down stencils to spray color? Do you ever change your mind and totally start over?

    Sorry I took so long to answer! Looks like your questions have been answered pretty well by the videos! I usually put color down with an air brush over a white base color first, and paint outlines over that. I do often go back with opaque colors to add details, either with opaque acylic, or deco pens.
    Yes, I definitely screw up and change my mind. Then I change it to a design that has a black base. Metallic, pearl, interference, and color shift colors look good. Sometimes you can get a nice effect by airbrushing a light opaque color over a dark color, but usually light paint over dark looks awful.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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