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      Mine jumped out the cart, anyone else’s do this??


        There’s a chance once the orders are sorted out there may be an extra or two like in the past or people might sell theirs when they get them.

        Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


          At 3 pm I checked my emails then checked Windstone (in case Bipolar Bear was going to host a livestream), saw nothing and took a nap. Logged back on at 4:30 pm….and they were all in carts! Kept kicking myself (who needs to sleep!!!!) for 20 minutes while I waited for a unicorn to come to me…and HE DID! YEAH!!!! I’m so stoked! Can’t wait to see which one I get. Looking forward to everyone’s pictures too. Just bought a tripod and remote control for my cell phone (so I can take pictures despite my tremors) and this baby will be my first try at photographing the new normal way.


            Good thing payday was yesterday lol
            I found a few I liked. The winter leaf one (or that’s what I call it) is my favorite of the bunch.


              Mine jumped out the cart, anyone else’s do this??

              It happens sometimes during the buying rush. Did you go back and try again? There are still Unicorns in carts that haven’t been paid for. Keep trying until there are none in carts.


                I’m so excited for this grab bag set! My husband was able to snag one for me for an early b-day gift, I’m glad he did since I probably would have missed them, but this will be my first baby uni GB. All of these look absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see which one I receive~


                  Darn, I took a nap and poof they were gone. Can’t wait to see all your lovely pictures though. They are so adorable.


                    Yep, I’m refreshing but I think I came in to late..SHOOT!!


                      Drat, looks like I missed out. I stayed late at work to wish a co-worker farewell on his last day, caught the notification e-mail late, and stalked the shop until they just went out of stock.

                      If anyone doesn’t love theirs upon receipt, and wants to trade or sell, please let me know! That zebra with the gold ginkgo leaves looks to be my favorite at the moment, so I hate to say it but I hope she’s not someone else’s cup of tea! 😀 Congrats to everyone who got in on the release, and I’m looking forward to seeing pictures!

                      Forever seeking: Blackwatch the raffle Old Warrior, Jennifer Miller's pieces, and GB Baby unis!


                        Thunderwing- this is your first grab bag? Welcome and enjoy the show! Smallish batch grab bags of popular sculpts (like this) tend to sell out quickly. However, in the mad stampede at the beginning, there will be some put into shopping carts which aren’t purchased. After 45 minutes the cart is emptied and the item(s) in it are returned to the store. If you haunt the store after the release, sometimes even for a day or two, you may get lucky and happen to be there when a GB ‘jumps out’ of the cart. Then it’s first one to jump on it and put it into their own cart (and complete the purchase!). The store listing will say when there is no more chance of a jumper, the ‘notify when back in stock’ button will appear.

                        They always anymore, when new grab bags are released (or other ‘hot’ items), put a moratorium of ‘1 per address’ that usually lasts for a week. Only if there are still unsold items after several days do they lift the moratorium. This has caused problems for households with multiple collectors! So in this case, unless people get friends/relatives living at another address to buy one for them, anybody who gets one will only get one.

                        There are bound to be some popping up on the secondary market in a week or so. Some people won’t like what they get, some will have something come up and need the money, and some bought to make a profit on the resale. (there are plenty though who end up selling for their price!)


                          Please let me know if you tried to order and could not. I have some in reserve because I anticipated ordering difficulties. Thunderwing and anyone who totally missed them and wants one, please contact me and when the dust settles from the stampede I’ll see if I can get unicorns to those who need them! susie@windstoneeditions.com or service@windstoneeditions.com


                            There are SO many I really like; I feel like I could circle most of them, but here are my favorites/ones that really caught my eye. The ones circled in pink are my absolute favorites, the ones in blue are others I really like.

                            .*ºSearching for Spectrals and Rising Spectrals in all patterns and colors!º*.


                              I missed out also I really hope the do more!!


                                omg I missed them! I’m in shock, I can’t believe…ugh
                                And I love them all except the stripes, blargh. Here’s hoping I can snag one after the trading rush. If you get a baby you don’t love, and it has no stripes, and you can’t find a trade, hit me up!


                                  I managed to get back from taking an exam before they appeared, so I was able to snag one. The leafy ones (esp. the wintery one and rainbow one), a few of the ‘scene’ ones (particularly the wintery blue and either of the purple ones), a couple of the more normal colored zebras with a pattern overlay (like flowers), two of the stained glass looking ones (the blue one with green and purple pattern and the black one with yellow-green-purple pattern), and possibly one of the blue Glaucus atlanticus (sea slugs) ones interest me. I’ll see what little one prances this way!

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