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      Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful comments! 🙂

      Oh, I did cry (this really was the final straw). My poor hubby had called to say he had gotten off of work early and was coming home only to hear me answer the phone like a blubbering child. LOL. And then the anger kicked in… that’s when I decided to fix her.

      Kyrin, I find she had more of a yellow tint. I used raw sienna and raw umber (Golden brand). I drybrushed the raw sienna in layers. It looked bad at first, but I kept adding layers and it matched pretty well. I antiqued in black or raw umber depending on the spot. Sometimes I would add a little raw umber to the raw sienna for drybrushing if the spot only needed a little bit of a highlight. I couldn’t use just the raw sienna for highlighting the dark areas. It’s too transparent and looked really horrid in thin layers. Occasionally, I would add a tiny bit of white to the raw sienna if I wanted to highlight an edge (like the lip). I made the mistake of using an opaque white… WAY to sickly and chaulky. Switched to zinc white (transparent) and it worked much better.

      I basically alternated between layers of drybrushing and antiquing until I got the color I wanted… a lot of back and forth. I know there can be variations in factory paint jobs and with different brands of paint, so I hope this helps some. I HATE matching paint. 😛



      Thanks, yea I noticed a lot of the gargoyles have variation in shades. The paint Melody sent me is very grey, & doesn’t come close to the more tan shading I see on most of my gargoyles. I have just about all of them now.



      i have one in mint condition


        Just amazing work .

      Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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