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    I’m finally going to get my first Windstone (hopefully). I have my eye on a special old mother dragon from 1984 on ebay. She’s unfortunately been spray painted black and is being sold for painting practice. She’s from my birth year so I hope to get her and learn some painting skills to restore her former glory.
    I’m also looking at a couple others, that are in good shape and don’t require repairs. I’ll see how things go.
    Super tempted by the gorgeous Tanzanite and Shell Pink guys available on the store and ebay too… one day. I think Tanzanite is my new favorite dragon color. I’m just super excited and have to share my hopes.
    What was everyone’s first Windstone?


    Mine was a black Large Wizard. I had just graduated college, and didn’t have much money to spare. I saw him at a Wicks ‘n’ Sticks (the gateway store for a lot of us who got into Windstones in the late ’80s through early ’90’s). He had gotten some paint chipped off on the back of the base, and I negotiated a reduced price. I still have him.

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    Wicks ‘n’ Sticks! I can still picture the interior of the store in my mall from thirty years ago. Mine did not carry Windstones, though. The Noah’s store did. I don’t remember which piece was my first, but it was probably the hatching pegasus. I seem to remember seeing it often in my mother’s mail-order catalogs and admiring the awesomeness of the wing.

    Looking for...

    Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


    I have a tanzanite piece and it’s an amazing color!
    My first pieces were a small winged spirit wolf and a green hatcher. I got both on eBay. The hatcher ended up being a rare prototype, so I lucked out with that one!
    I still have both of them. 🙂


    My first piece will officially be a Blue Morpho mini keeper. I double checked the store and there was one left. Not Tanzanite or Shell Pink but an amazing color scheme that is so pretty. I’m happy 🙂
    I feel like I should remember Wicks n Sticks but I don’t, and I’m old enough to have spent some time in there. Apparently old enough to have forgotten it too?

    that’s great luck on finding a prototype randomly!


    my first was a Wizard Cat at Wicks and Sticks….


    Congrats on your first dragon Cathartes-flora! Blue Morpho is a pretty cool colour scheme! I have a fledgling and baby dragon in that colour. I also love pink and tanzanite dragons and have those colours as well. I just counted and have the fledgling and baby dragons in 11 different colour schemes. I have some grab bag mini keepers too but not limited production ones yet. My favourite colours are rainbow and pastel rainbow. I have a couple hatching dragons in those colours. They have tanzanite hatching dragons available in the store right now if you like those little guys. You can sometimes find pieces on eBay that are out of stock in the store too or have you seen the classified section on here as well?

    My first Windstone was a peacock fledgling dragon I got at Abbington’s Animals, a local gift store I always used to look at in the mall. I was like 14 when I got it so that’s just over 20 years ago now. They got the rainbow dragons in later and I always wanted one but didn’t get anymore Windstone dragons til I found some on eBay a few years ago and found this website. I got a peacock young dragon and then a rainbow young on eBay and then got into young poads, baby unicorns, baby pegs and baby griffins selling on here. I eventually found a rainbow fledgling dragon on eBay after looking a couple years. Now I have a couple hundred different Windstones, mostly grab bags besides my regular and limited production dragons and griffins and love them all.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Hi there,my first Windstone is my lovely white Coiled Mother She came from Wicks’n’Sticks also.1998.I have had her with me 21yrs and plan on at least another 21.
    Congrats,good piece for your first Windstone.One of many 😁


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    Mine was a flion.

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    My first was an old Brown Mother Dragon that I got from eBay.

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    My first was an old Green Male Dragon from a little tiny gift shop. My second Windstone was a Peacock Mother Dragon at Wicks n Sticks!

    Always looking for a lovely GB Young Unicorns, TP Male Dragons or TP Male Griffins!


    A hatching tortoise that was available through the Smithsonian catalog. They offered that, and the hatching protoceratops (but he was too expensive), and maybe the hatching maiasaur as well. Those pieces were the only Windstones that I knew about for years and years.


    My first was an old green male. I had been admiring him in a gift store for over a year, and my parents gave him to me for Christmas. I don’t think it was a Wicks & Sticks though. I don’t remember ours carrying them. I got several when the Chesapeake Knife and Tool decided to stop carrying them and sold off their display pieces.


    Oh WOW Wicks ‘n Sticks! I forgot about that store but man… now I have all of those memories flooding back!

    My first Windstone, though, was from East Meets West: the feather-winged cat gargoyle.


    Hi and welcome Cathartes-flora! Cool avatar, have I seen it somewhere before?

    My first were the original dragon family in old green- male, mother and hatchling purchased together in the summer of 86. I had graduated high school that spring, and was working in an ice cream shop in a tourist district. I was getting rides to work many days, and was waiting for my pickup after work. It was going to be a bit, so I wandered into a gift shop. On a table near the back, they had some animals and 6 dragons- the family in brown or green. I swooned lol. I didn’t have the money for one, but the shopkeep let me put all 3 green ones on layaway. I still have them.

    Many of my later ones came from Wicks-N-Sticks, cool store too bad it went out. Others came from a flea market dealer.

    Do you just mean you’d like to get an example of all the sculpts, in many if the colors? That’s doable!

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