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      Mike I could not agree with you more than you think. This here is a private hit list where any lie can be posted. and the people in control. are bullies that use the Windstone for good but also with no oversight what so ever. It is based on complete Communism. With Windstone Editions turning their backs to any oversight responsibility. While this platform is controlled with lies, Proof and defense is not allowed. this is a disgrace to Windstone where they turn their backs as this site is part of pets members to Bully its members http://www.sarahjestin.com/feedbacklists.htm


        I’d love to know why as soon as this list switched hands of who was updating it why a few of us have now had our trading reputations trashed when I have done over 200 successful trades on here that no one listed positive feedback for and suddenly I have several negative posts on there that have been completely taken out of context or are simply not true. I have screenshots of proof to contradict anything that was posted about me.

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          I have never posted negative feedback about anyone on here although I could have numerous times so I would like to know who I send the feedback to now since I am not able to message the person now controlling the list.

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            To those who have a gripe about these lists and seem to be having a problem all of a sudden. There is a disclaimer in which partly reads that

            “These lists are a compilation of objective accounts, nothing more, nothing less. No names will be added without reason, either good or bad. If you want a name added, you must provide details – this goes for both lists. For negative feedback, we will need some sort of proof that the deal went sour. If you do see a negative comment about yourself, you can contest it with proof also. This is meant to be fair and objective. We will not divulge who asked to have the names posted, but any detail will probably allow the person named to figure out who made the request. We will not be held responsible for any action/communication resulting from any name or comment posted here. These are factual lists and must not be seen as anything else. We do not judge, we do not investigate, we simply sort through all the information and add an objective comment – though for positive feedback, we tend to include the comments verbatim. Remember that we all end up having good and bad dealings at one point – these lists are meant to help, they are not set in stone. In fact, a sale/trade with a member who has a huge amount of good feedback can end up being the worst transaction you make and vice versa. It’s up to you decide what to make of the feedback when you sell, trade or buy – not us or anyone else!”

            All of that being said, I have all of the necessary messages from members who provided all the new feedback from when dragonmedley handed the reins over to me. Names will not be divulged, but from the situations described you are probably able to figure out who left the feedbacks so they should not he a surprise to anyone. Members have been saving some of these up for a few years now since the lists have been in-active.

            Kim you are more than welcome to dispute feedback with evidence of your own or reply to it with an objectionable defense (i.e. your side of the story) but have not done so at any point. I’d reccomend you schedule a private discussion if you have concerns. I know you have my email address. Its literally in my signature below this post. You’ve had no problems finding a way to contact me before.

            Michael, because you are currently in a dispute with a member and continue to harass me it does not mean your feedback will be removed. I have a slew of messages pleading for you to answer a single question regarding a defense even though I’m under no obligation to council your situation yet you resort to threats and childish name calling. I’d tread carefully about bringing anything further publically before moderators need to get involved with the situation or recruiting members to cause further disruption to the forum.

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              That is an out right lie. But to all here need not be troubled, Redemption is coming. I do believe Windstone is into making money and if that is threatened By some very large eBay bidders there might be a change in the wind. The load that dragonfeathers is pushing is just a comfort zone for her power. There are a lot of Forum members that are afraid to come forward. I bow with the highest respect for those who stand up to injustices controlled by Windstone’s pets


                Thank you for keeping the feedback lists alive, Drag0on…sorry it’s so much trouble.

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                  Yes, thank you DragOn. You’re doing great even with the adversity involved.
                  I for one truly appreciate having the feedback lists open again.

                  Looking for:


                    Thank you everyone for sending me messages, I am very sorry that I wasn’t able to get to a computer yesterday. Please remember we have rules against name calling, threatening, or harassing other forum members. In addition to the rules, I plead with everyone to try to be kind during these hard times. Many of us are facing hardships and stress unlike any faced in the living memory of most people here and I know it can make for a lot of tension. Clearly, some things have gone sour when dealing with sales/trades and that really bites, I’m sorry. Windstone has provided a space for collectors to trade and sell with one another as it is clearly an important part of a collector’s community, however, as stated in the many disclaimers:

                    It is vitally important to stress this list is user-generated and user-hosted. It does not reflect upon the opinions of anyone at Windstone Editions. It is unofficial and must not be mistaken as a Windstone Editions endorsed list. All content on the list, which is not hosted on our servers, remains the opinion and property of the individuals that contributed. By viewing or using this list, you understand that at no time is Windstone Editions involved in its creation, content, or maintenance.

                    Any complaints, questions, and/or problems with said list need to be directed to the parties involved and not to Windstone Editions (in whole or part).

                    As the disclaimer says, this is 100% unofficial and has nothing to do with Windstone Editions, the company. We have had nothing to do with the creation nor maintenance of the list. If anyone has beef about anything on the list, don’t take it up with us (the people at Windstone Editions) as it has nothing to do with us. It is simply a feedback template for you guys, the collectors.

                    In short: Please do not contact us (Windstone) about suggestions, complaints, or comments this user-generated list.

                    This said, it is still against the rules to harass, threaten, name-call, or badmouth (etc) other users via this forum or PM.

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                      I’ll echo the thanks, Drag0n. I also appreciate having the feedback lists. Maintaining them shouldn’t make you an object of attack. I’m sorry it has.

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                        Thank you again Jennifer, for the reminder that No One should be threatening, harassing or mean-spirited to Anyone else on this forum – or anywhere else for that matter.

                        With everything else going on in the World, it just isn’t worth it – not when REAL Problems are around, such as people succumbing to COVID or dying in Wars. Shame on you!

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                          I agree Ela_Hara.
                          Thank you Jennifer for the reminders.

                          I’ve spent the last few hours reading ALL of the feedback lists. I’ve found that of those I have dealt with it has been accurate. And I can also say that of those whom I have talked to about a trade or sale that did not go through for one reason or another, the descriptions of how I felt dealing with those individuals is also accurate in ALL three lists.
                          I see that the feedback I have personally left has been added to the lists, copied exactly as I wrote it.
                          They are accurate as to how I felt about the situation.

                          My advice… If you want good feedback, do what you say you will, do it when you say you will do it and no excuses except your personal hospitalization (in which case a message is required as quickly as possible explaining what’s happening) or death.

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                            Well put, StormDancer.

                            I think these lists are a good thing and nothing gets posted on them without backup (copies of PMs, emails, etc.).

                            Very much as with the classified ad section here, the lists are a community effort and clearly stated as not hosted or run by Windstone itself.

                            Kudos to Dragonfeathers and Dragonmedley for their work on these lists.

                            Thank you, too, Jennifer for stepping in with reminders.

                            Life is beautiful.


                              I am so sorry to learn our Democracy has been flushed. I guess you wouldn’t mind vocal enslavement. I do and no one has the right to control ones word. What the devil is taught in schools. Is dragonfeathers a lawyer. Does she have a law deg? The problem today is people are lazy and will give up their rights for convenience. Last I learned I live in The USA. But a lot of people are giving it away. While I see my brothers no legs, no arms and their once lovely lives destroyed fighting for everyone to have a voice and not one person to control. This makes me sick…..


                                No morality here, just a chick only club.


                                  Michael, I don’t think the negative feedback you got has ANYTHING to do with the sacrifice our vets made.

                                  Taking your frustrations out on Drag0nfeathers isn’t going to help your cause, but returning the dragon that is owed might.

                                  This isn’t communism. This isn’t about the company playing favorites. This is about holding people accountable and keeping them honest.

                                  I, for one, am getting tired of the cheap shots against the good people here, and against the company (they’ve done nothing but try to make us collectors happy).

                                  P.S. The men on the forum might take offence to your “chick only club” comment. If you don’t like the community here, the log out button is at the top right of your screen.

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