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    Hi guys!

    It’s that time again! Please post your Grab Bag Baby Uni pics from the 2/9 Batch in this thread for sharing purposes!

    Once again trying to get as many pictures for the directory as possible, so if you’d like to share your picture with me for the directory, please email me at atoadaso (at) gmail (dot) com and I will keep your identity private 🙂

    Please email me at the same address if you’re having trouble with posting pictures to the forum and I can host your images for you and supply you with the proper HTML code to post them here 🙂 Just send along the pictures, let me know you’d like to be able to post them on the forum, and I’ll email you back the codes 🙂

    Thanks everyone, and I cant wait to see some pictures!

    Commission spots are open! Please message me for details.

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    I look forward to seeing them all! Really hoping i love mine haha!



    I can hardly wait to see as many as possible! So bummed out that I missed these beauties. Time to live vicariously…



    Can’t wait to see the pictures as the babies get to their new homes.



    I got my little guy today! He is quite lovely but I am still trying to get a leaf grab bag, so he will be up for trade.

    He’s what I’d call a rainbow lichen. He has blue eyes, a blue gem, and a dark blue butt. 🙂 Lots of magic invisible paint, too, so he’s very glittery!



    Stephenie, Wow your baby is so beautiful… Congrats!!!!



    AW SWEET! Love hims wittle star on hims wittle noggin! 😛



    Wow! He’s a real cute one! The orange face markings are so adorable ^^



    This little uni pranced in my door today. 🙂 He is in front of the uni marked #4 in the class photo.



    Mine just shipped! Probably have a week to wait before I see the little guy!



    Wow, So Cool Sib! I love this batch of babies!



    Oh WOW Stephanie!!! He is AWESOME!!! If I get a leafy one I’ll be all over him!

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    Oh WOW Stephanie!!! He is AWESOME!!! If I get a leafy one I’ll be all over him!

    As soon as I saw the pic, I thought, “I wonder if drag0n’s seen this one yet?” 😉

    That’s a gorgeous baby, Stephanie. I’m sure you’ll have no problem trading him.



    I love the rainbow colours on yours Stephanie! If I get a leaf one I would trade you. Mine might be a a week or two though since I’m in Canada.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!




    I’m still stuck at processing….

    Sitting Cat found! SOON! OMG YEY!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 400 total)

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