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      – Remember to be thankful every day for the blessings I have in my life

      Hear hear! It’s a short path from gratitude to happiness. <3


        #1 is to spend less money on Windstones but I know I will break that one already >__<

        Got a busted Windstone?
        *OPEN for repairs*

        Arc-en-ciel Emperor
        Siphlophis Male Dragon
        Calypso Hatching Empress
        Ivory Moss Sitting Baby Kirin
        Tattoo Mother Kirin
        Emerald Tabby Male Griffin
        Tie Dye + Orion Hatching Royalty
        Indigo Rockfish + Flame Tabby Little Rock Dragons
        Dragon Quail + Obsidian Frost Old Warriors
        Betta Sun Dragon + Male Dragon
        Dreamscape, Orion, Poison Dart, Fireberry, Spangler + Tigerberry Dragons


          A little late posting, had the stomach flu the last 3 days…

          Let’s see…in 2012 I’d like to…

          Double my savings account balance,
          Totally pay off the one credit card I’ve been focusing most on,
          Lose 50 lbs.,
          Do one piece of art each month,
          Really go through all my junk and trash/donate stuff I don’t need,
          Start cooking real food instead of hitting the drive thru.


            only one, I don’t normally do resolutions but need to work on this one…

            losing the muffin top and small belly, tired of people asking if I’m preggers and just want to look good at AnimeExpo in cosplay, fanservice Lucy won’t look good with a muffin top and besides the costume part is tight too so belly fat isn’t good there….

            4 things I'm looking for:
            1. Mother Meerkat
            2. production color Sitting Young Oriental dragons to be made in more colors besides VF
            3. Female Griffin – Siamese with White
            4. September Raffle Prize 2022 AHD Male Griffin


            To start getting my Bachelor’s in Animal Science: Food Safety and Quality. I really want to do this, even though it’s going to be long and HAAARD.

          Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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