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the 997raffle

Was a great success!
Pegasi1978 won the special raffle for robotics team 997.
She chose “Stormy” the unicorn as her prize.

We raised over two thousand dollars for the Corvallis High School robotics team!!
This allowed them to got to Atlanta Georgia and compete with over 340 other robotics team from around the world. It was an amazing experience for these young’uns. The team placed about in the middle of the group , no grand prizes, but that is still darn good against the winning robots of the whole world! They now have enough capital to keep the team going , and next year we shall see what happens…
Thank you all so much for contributing, even if you didn’t contribute money, thank you for support of any kind, even if it was just an encouraging word !! <3 !! ( Griffin is wearing bright orange ear plugs)

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  1. I’m so glad the team made it to Georgia. I hope they had a blast. That must have been something of a culture shock going from the Pacific Northwest to the deep south:) But it must have been a lot of fun to be around so many other people who shared a love of robotics. I would have loved to listen to some of the conversations. And it’s great news that they now have capital to continue the club. The raffle was a great idea, Melody, and very generous of you.

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