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Prototype Phoenix

I test painted a phoenix today! I painted him grey because there aren’t many grey phoenixes around.
This is one of the very first castings we got out of the master mold, after a new master was cast. I sculpted the topknot on this phoenix out of epoxy clay because this version still had a hole to glue on a pewter crest. I am going to just sculpt a crest onto the master instead so that we don’t have to fool around with a separate pewter piece. We have enough problems!
The phoenix stands up well, and surprisingly the mold actually peels off easily! I was worried about having trouble de-molding this creature because of the narrowness of the base in relation to the wing spread.

5 thoughts on “Prototype Phoenix

  1. He’s adorable! I just love that wing pose–different from the other winged pyo’s, can have fun with both sides!

    Delighted to hear he de-molds easily. Now I just need patience until they’re in the store!

  2. I want to just reach out and take him from my computer screen! Oh I am so excited! He looks so fun to paint and I just love rocks. It is going to be exciting when they finaly get released! 😀

  3. I love this!!!! Can’t wait for it to come out in productions–it is coming out in production??!! This will definitely make me creak open the wallet and shed a few dollars! Excited to finally see a Phoenix!!!!!

  4. oops, I meant to write this at the top level.

  5. I look forward to seeing more of this beautiful creature! It very nicely captures the phoenix rising!

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