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Raffle prize for May 2010!

Notice how I put the year after the month -we’ve been doing this raffle for quite awhile now, so I need to designate a year!

This is “Azalea” she is the prize for this month’s raffle. She is a dark dapple grey unicorn mare. She is one of the test paints I have done of the dapple grey pattern. I think this is the most difficult horse color to reproduce!

She came out darker than I wanted, but this is what a young dapple grey horse will look like when they are just beginning to change from their first dark coat color to “grey”.

This raffle is free for Windstone forum members. If you would like a chance to win Azalea, email me your forum name with “May 2010 raffle” in th subject line so I can find it.

If you are a member but haven’t entered a raffle before , also include your real name and address.

My email: reptangle(at) gmail (dot) com

If you are not a forum member and are interested in joining
Here is a link to the forum:

I usually pick the name of the winner around the end of the month.

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  1. Awww, she’s adorable! I like her blaze.

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