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When you think you know something…

…you are probably wrong.

Since the website “Snopes” became the ultimate source for truth… I now have come to accept that 99.9 percent of everything I thought… is wrong. The “Great Wall” is not the only man made thing visible from space ( I guess I could of figured that one out myself if I had though about it). The Earth isn’t round. A Nautilus shell is not in the form of a perfect “Golden spiral”.

But there are things I was always sure about, such as the incorrect way that angel wings are often drawn, you’ve seen them I’m sure… looking like little elephant ears. I KNOW that wings do not look like that. Never ever. Anatomically impossible.

So, as I was working on this morning’s “drawing the dead ” subject; a deceased budgie, I find that what I now know FOR SURE is that 100 percent of what I know is wrong. A budgie’s wing, when folded, is almost EXACTLY the same shape as a stupid-looking angel’s wing! It has the same bulbous arch on top that I thought was just lame draftsmanship on the part of whoever started that drawing idiom. Now I know they actually were drawing their pet budgie’s wing! *

* I am probably wrong about this…

5 thoughts on “When you think you know something…

  1. *runs outside to look at her budgies* huh

    wow. I always thought it was suposed to by a stylization of dove wings.

  2. Was this one of your own budgies that passed on Melody? I’m looking for study skins of birds, but gosh darn if I don’t have to shoot one of the crows around here to get my life reference (not allowed pet birds nor do any friends own one) it’ll be a miracle.

  3. Yeah me too! Or eagle wings, but those are “crisper” on top. Not blobby, round, stupid looking things.

  4. Yes, she was a very old one. ebay sometimes has legal bird skins you can get! Museums sometimes will let you use their study skins, if you get to know the curators.

  5. Never thought about it. Then again, I’ve never studied that closely. I can recognize some bird types in flight by their wing shape, but never really paid attention to angel wings. 😉

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