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we need a name for this dragon

The dragon on the left is a new dragon .
He is about the same size as the the “Young Dragon” (the dragon on the right)
As usual, we don’t know what to call him!
We are looking for a name for the mold, not an individual name for the dragon, like Arthur or Fluffy, and it should be somewhat descriptive, but not too easy to confuse with other molds. I was going to call him the “sitting dragon” ( very imaginative ) but this is kinda confusing, because we have other sitting dragons.
He is a young adult dragon, part of the main dragon family. We also have another younger dragon that we are calling the “Baby dragon” so, can’t use that name.
Any suggestions?

72 thoughts on “we need a name for this dragon

  1. Maybe the Teenager? That’s what comes to mind right away when I see them.

  2. Adolescent Dragon?

  3. Give him dichronic eyes and call him the “Young Spectral”. πŸ˜‰ He is a wonderful design!

  4. He looks like a little Keeper to me c.c

    Little Keeper.
    Pre-Keeper. (before he was old enough to be trusted to hold something, haw haw).

    Or mebbe he’s sitting so attentively because he’s in training for how to behave properly as a dragon. A Training Dragon. XD Maybe cause he’s small, he’s also a “trainer” for newbie collectors…lulz. Like training pants for little kids.

  5. Is he big enough to call a “Young Emperor”?

    Whatever he gets called, he is a handsome lil fellow and I cannot wait to get one!

  6. What about Kid dragon or little male, I like little male personally….

  7. I like the idea of a young secret keeper or young empress

  8. Adolescent dragon

  9. How ’bout “Juvenile Dragon”? He looks like a teenage fledgling, so cute!

  10. Apprentice Dragon?

    I had some other ideas, but they’ve been said. I like young emp, or young keeper, too.

  11. I love this one!!! Just wonderful! Teenager sounds good to me too… I vote for that one!

  12. This may sound random, but how about calling him the “Companion” dragon?

    I kept thinking about the current production dragons and how they look exactly the way their name suggests… (The Lap dragon looks like she just wants to snuggle into your lap, the Old Warrior looks like he’s proud to have successfully overcome his share of battles, etc) …To me, this new dragon looks like he simply just wants to be your (or another dragon’s) little companion and friend, and that he’s proud to sit by your (or their) side!

    Again, I know it’s a bit random, but it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw him! πŸ™‚

  13. How about calling it the junior dragon, or nestling dragon? I also think juvenile would do just fine.

  14. I agree…”young keeper”

  15. I’d say ‘adolescent dragon’ or ‘companion dragon’ – both names kind of convey his cuteness. Love the new mold!

  16. I like Junior or nesting dragon. Or little buddy?

  17. I love Puff’s idea of Companion Dragon. I think it would work too, because the wizard sculpt has his own little companion dragon. Gorgeous work!

  18. I agree with Juvenile too as my top choice for the name of the mold. He just screams teenager with that smaller size and confident look; but I think teenager doesn’t quite match the rest of the naming conventions used to date, and while I think adolescent is ok too, that word can be tough to spell/say/use…

  19. How about


    since the current young dragon is more standing/rearing
    or simply


  20. Your new draon looks great!! Another new member to look forward to adding to our family. Maybe something related to “Tween” like “Tweenage Dragon” or just Tweenager as a name. He looks a little younger than the Young Dragon to me. We will never be able to thank you enough for all of the wonderful pieces you share with the rest of us!!!!!!

  21. I’m leaning towards


    since we have rising and sitting Spectrals and it describes him/her.

  22. I prefer “Sitting Young Dragon” myself.

  23. How about Yearling Dragon?

  24. I looked up synonyms for fledgling because he looks quite a bit like a bigger fledge dragon and also different terms for young and baby animals. How about: nestling dragon, novice dragon, whelp dragon, eaglet dragon, nymph dragon, gosling dragon, squeaker dragon, lambkin dragon, snakelet dragon, yearling dragon.

    Any idea of when this lil guy will be in the store?

  25. Looking at everyone’s posts, the idea’s I like the best are “Adolescent Dragon” and “Yearling Dragon.” πŸ™‚

  26. I’m for yearling. Bigger than a fledgling but smaller than a youngster. I think adolescent implies an age older than the young dragon, personally. Either way, what a beauty! Can’t wait to start seeing this little one in production πŸ˜€

  27. Lil Sis is all I can come up with . So adorible dragon .

  28. I like gosling dragon!

  29. I like both Juvenile and Yearling.

  30. Younger Dragon
    YAD (Young Adult Dragon)

  31. I like Stripling or Imp.


  32. What about wyrmling or juvenile?

  33. I’ll vote for Yearling πŸ™‚

  34. I like yearling dragon as well. seems older than a fledgie but younger than the young, lol

  35. I say yearling or juvenile

  36. I’d vote for yearling or young emperor.

  37. Oh my, he’s Cute! :love: I can’t wait for him to be availible and hope he might be availible in some of the retired colours. Need to add to my Peacock army πŸ˜‰

    How about ‘Brancher’? It’s another name for the fledgling stage of bird development, or ‘Sub-Adult’?
    Otherwise, I like Juvenile, Teenage and Yearling.
    Not a fan of the long ‘Sitting Young Dragon’ type names.

  38. [quote=Amy Jane]I like yearling dragon as well. seems older than a fledgie but younger than the young, lol[/quote]

    Oooooh I want one!!

    I vote for yearling myself =)

  39. I vote for yearling dragon. I needs to be a name that people can easily remember. I like nestling, but I think a nestling would be a younger dragon. Weanling would be another possibility.

  40. My first thought was “Junior” because he looks like he’s trying to sit proud like his Father.
    I like Companion too.

  41. He looks so well-groomed and confident, I’d call him the “preening dragon,” if not for the fact that he’s not preening at the moment… πŸ™‚

    Dapper dragon?

  42. what about
    juvenile horned dragon
    or little horned dragon…

  43. The one on the left looks more “girly” than the one on the right. I have always seen the young as a male young.. So like you have a male and mother dragons, you can have female young and male young dragons….

  44. I’m going to vote for “Young Sitting Dragon”,I like that one the best, it’s simple and discriptive.

  45. I like Wyrmling. πŸ™‚

  46. I like Wyrmling. πŸ™‚

  47. I like Yearling dragon.

  48. I like Juvenile or how about “Joven” the “J” pronounced like an “H” means “Young” in Spanish.

  49. How about “JUNIOR” dragon

  50. I like Companion Dragon the best. People already get fledgling and young dragons confused, so I would not want to call the new dragon a younger, yearling, junior, juvenile, or other name that is too synonymous with “young”. He also doesn’t look too much like a young dragon to me. UI think he looks more like an adult dragon, just small.

  51. I like Yearling or little keeper myself.

  52. I think somebody should put up a poll with all the options mentioned here and we can vote as a community. Does that sound good to people?

  53. Absolutely a NO to ‘yearling’, he is not a horse type. No offenses to horses just not in dragons. Please no one scold me for this it is just my opinion and I am not attacking those that said it was a good idea, I understand your reasons and not all of them deal with horses but that is my thought. And if it ends up that way it will not stop me from getting one for sure.

    ‘Companion’ or ‘Juvenile’ would work. I do like ‘Gosling’ a lot though.
    Add his position as you which to whichever name you give him.
    Suppose since there is a ‘Scratching’ which does not give any age to the dragon you could just do a ‘sitting’ dragon as well.

  54. Phoenix: means female dragon. No confusion there.
    Fledge: meams to fly.
    Fleogan: means pretty much the same thing.

  55. How about Mature hatchling dragon? He looks like a step between the hatchlings and the young dragons. I’m not a fan of calling it a yearling though

  56. I think I would name it the perching or perched dragon…. It looks to me like its perched and building enough courage to take the leap and go for its first flight.

  57. I guess one could also name it a “perchling” dragon as well, which is kinda different but I think suits the dragon quite well.

  58. [quote=kitsunelady]He looks like a little Keeper to me c.c

    Little Keeper.
    Pre-Keeper. (before he was old enough to be trusted to hold something, haw haw).

    Or mebbe he’s sitting so attentively because he’s in training for how to behave properly as a dragon. A Training Dragon. XD Maybe cause he’s small, he’s also a “trainer” for newbie collectors…lulz. Like training pants for little kids.[/quote]
    HA HA HA HA!

  59. Sage dragon
    Padwan dragon

  60. Perhaps something like Student Dragon. This little one looks to me like he’s paying strict attention to someone or something. Whatever the name I can’t wait to see him in the store!! (I still think something based on him being in between the others, like Tween or Tweenager might work as well.)

  61. I like Juvenile and Companion, but to me this dragon looks a little mischievous. So maybe Merry Dragon?

  62. Oh! I thought of one more name! Since he’s still on the small size despite his older appearance, we could always call him a “Pygmy” dragon. πŸ™‚

  63. I know this probably wasn’t intended, but he looks like a baby or young keeper to me. I also like the “companion dragon” suggestion quite a bit.

    To be honest, I never thought the word “fledgling” fit with the fledgling dragon. He’s cute, but I can’t possibly see how he can fly. He always looked like a baby lap dragon.

  64. The Watcher or the Little Guardian comes to mind.

  65. I was thinking Little One when I saw him but also like what other people suggested as Junior or Juvenile Dragon.

  66. How about Lil Empress or The Lil Prentice, I also like The Young Guardian,
    or The Watcher! Or Young Dragon LAD!

  67. Companion! I love it! Lap dragon, Chi-dragon, Chihuadragon! lol :bigsmile:

  68. Not sure if my post posted, so, posting this again…

    If his head isn’t turned and both paws are on his tail, then…

    Young Symmetrical Sitter


  69. Late reply is late, but!

    I haven’t seen this suggested yet, but someone else’s comment that this little one seemed well-preened, and another commenter noting a feminine air, leads me to suggest “Dainty Dragon” or “Dainty Dragonet”!

    If that’s off the table, I vote for plain old “Juvenile Dragon”. (Honestly, my first choice would be “Fledgling” if it weren’t already taken! I second those who noted that the “Fledgling” looks misleading; I’ve always thought he looked like a Nestling, far too chubby and stub-winged to be flying yet!)

    Anyway! Yes. “Dainty Dragon(et)”, “Juvenile Dragon”, or maybe “Poised Dragon”. Definitely NOT “Sitting Young Dragon” or any variant thereof, because the potential for confusion is limitless: not just for the people who may mis-list something on a website or sales post, but for actual search engines and site searches! Imagine being unable to search for “Windstone Young Dragon” on Ebay without half of what comes up being the wrong sculpt… Oy.

    S/He really is *super* cute! I’m looking forward to eventually acquiring one! (Any chance that certain older colors ~~coughcoughWhitecough~~ will appear in the store?)

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