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Buckskin and Pzrewalski's

Here is a comparison pic of the buckskin color and the Przewalski’s color.
We are going to put a few of each into the store tomorrow, but I don’t think I will paint huge numbers of either of these two colors.
The high contrast of the black against the light body of the Przewalski’s is too difficult to paint for this to be a regular production color, and nobody can spell or pronounce Przewalski’s.

The darker buckskin is a little easier to paint, so these are a possible limited production color, but they still take a lot of careful detail painting to get the little mane hairs painted.

Palomino is the best! The lower contrast of the pale gold body against the creamy mane and tail is soo much easier to paint!!

13 thoughts on “Buckskin and Pzrewalski's

  1. I really would like to buy one of these mares!

  2. They both look nice; it’s a pity Przewalski’s is such a tongue/finger twister! πŸ™‚

  3. What wonderful new colors!!!

  4. Melody, you’re AWESOME!! My dream Pegasus!! I hope I can grab one!!

  5. Apparently I fail at comment making XD LOL Typed this once.. must have skipped the final step to post or something!

    I love that buckskin mare! πŸ™‚ Something to consider, if you decide to try these for the store again, maybe try painting the wing the dark dun color and then add black details? wouldn’t take a lot of details to be super pretty. To me right now the wing seems a bit odd, really only because that’s the only place that has such a large area of that light tone on her (Where her dun color is so dark, the wing on the Przewalski is gorgeous on her!)… I’d think making it the dun color would be nicer since you wouldn’t have to be so careful around the bottom edge of the feathers against her body… or if that edge isn’t such a big deal, she’d look super pretty I think with black tipped feathers (Even if you took what is currently cream colored and painted it black, I think would fit the Buckskin a lil more)
    I love her white blaze! I’m just fawning over how sweet her face looks πŸ™‚ and that darker color on her is very striking! I kind of hoped originally for a lighter one (About the color of the przew but without the white around the eyes/muzzle) because it reminds me of a horse I once had.. but this darker rich color is just stunning! πŸ™‚ and I love the lil stripes on the Przew’s legs! πŸ™‚ they’re both very beautiful pieces!

    I hope my creative crit didn’t come across harsh at all! I was not meaning to be, just a personal opinion and idea I thought I would share πŸ™‚ I will be keeping tabs on the store today and will have to see about snagging one of these up!

    I also really do love the look of the Palomino, so if you decide that you’d rather do those for the store, I am super ok with that too πŸ™‚ I have a massive weakness for Buckskins, but have almost as much of a weakness for palomino πŸ™‚ and my Palomino baby uni would love to have some company πŸ™‚ lol

  6. Hoping to get a dark one . I doubt I will get it . I can hope .

  7. LOVE the buckskin and would also LOVE palomino. These two would be my first choices for production/limited production. :love:

    Unless they’re a lot more expensive than the current Mother Pegasus, I’ll likely break my “dragons only” rule…

    Edit: Rule broken…

  8. I am new to the windstone site, I was given my first Windstone as a kid, it was the White rearing Male pegasus. I Just thought it was the most beautifulest thing. Little did I know that there was a whole Windstone World. I was able to get one of these Buckskin beauty’s (Prz Peg), Thanks to Susie!

    Melanie Just was wondering….If maybe we can see some of them in an Appaloosa Patern? Would love to have some Wild and Crazy appys colors, I breed mini horses and have some subjects you could paint. LOL! Thank you for the beautiful creations!

    John V.

  9. I really like Przewalski Pegasus! Are there going to be any more for the store or are they all sold out?

  10. Will either one be available again any time soon! Thanks!

  11. I got my Buckskin today! She’s TOTALLY awesome! Love, Love the colour! Yay!

  12. We were lucky enough to get one of each of these beautiful mares and they are here!! As beautiful as they look in the photo they are even more wonderful in person!!!! We can’t even begin to choose a favorite between the Buckskin and the Przewalski’s!!!!! We were so lucky to be able to get both!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  13. they are all so very very lovely but I would love love love to see the dark buckskin again as I missed the boat before.

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