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Water kitties

I’ve got zillions of sketches, both drawings and 3d mock-ups of ideas I would like to do as Windstone pieces in the future. I haven’t been showing many of these ideas because I am so behind in sculpting, it seems crazy to think about new sculpture that when I have over a dozen half-finished sculptures that are waiting for attention.

What the heck. I’m going to show them anyway.

This is a photoshop sketch of a catfish, or sea kitty -I haven’t given them a name yet. I have been thinking about watercats for years, but other than a few small clay sketches and drawings, they haven’t happened yet. I had intended them to be outdoor garden art cast in cement. I thought they would be cute to have near a pond. Since we aren’t planning to cast cement again in the near future, I am now picturing them in the “fine finish” for indoor use, with cat and fish colors. They would have detailed fur with mermaid-like scaled tails ( I didn’t take time to draw all the scale details on this pic) and they would be a little larger than the Tiger and Puffin cats, if you are familiar with those. This one is Siamese, colored with a blue metallic tail, but I also have a sketch of a calico cat with koi markings. I will never give up hope that I’ll be able to do something that looks good with koi markings someday!

8 thoughts on “Water kitties

  1. This water kitty is so lovely, Melody. I would love to see this as a sculpt!

  2. Yet another thing to look forward too. They sound very fun!

  3. I would love to see a 3D version – really cool! I really like the colors on the tail.

  4. Aww looks so cute and fluffy!

  5. I love that picture. That Merkitty/Watercat is adorable! I would love to see it sculpted.

  6. LOVE the idea and the colors. It would go well with the Flap Cats already residing here. Go for it. You sculpt very quickly, it could be done in a heartbeat or so….

  7. If you feel like working on a new sculpture, then go with the flow. Once you’ve gotten it out of your system, then go back to your unfinished pieces. I think you should strike while the iron is hot. Of course, I’m commenting on an old post here, so use this advice towards your current interests.

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