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Furbird sculpture and ™s

These are “furbirds”. Furbirds are winged meerkats from Reptangle(tm), my forever unpublished comic, so that puts them in the same category as the Lion Kirin and the Poads(tm), meaning that they have more meaning in the context of the story.
The drawing is one of the characters from Reptangle ™.
The photo image is a mock up of the way I would like them to look as finished sculpture. This image is made out of a photo of the baby meerkat we produced in a limited batch, and the wing off of a female griffin.
Other than a small batch of the baby meerkat , we never produced any of the wingless meerkat family I sculpted, so these unused sculptures are prime material for turning into a family of furbird sculptures someday.
Furbirds are one of the many times I have had an “oops, dang” experience of not trade marking a name. I have called these characters “furbirds”, “furbs” and sometimes “Furbies” loooong before those fuzzy little interactive toys were around. I wasn’t that attached to the name “Furbie”, so I didn’t pound my head on the desk too hard when I heard that the name got locked up by a major toy company, but this is why I put that annoying ™ on any important names now! You should too!

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  1. I like them!

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