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September 2010 Raffle

“Grackle” is the prize for the September raffle!
This is a Male dragon painted in an accidental and interesting combination of green and black, so I thought about calling him “Grack”, (combining the words green and black) but “Grackle” sounds better, even if he doesn’t look much like a real grackle.

This is an accidental color scheme. He was intended to be an emerald peacock but was only half painted when he was stuck on the “bad” cart for some reason.
I thought the unfinished green and black combination was really pretty! I added a little copper and finished him with light green metallic eyes, and golden jewel.
Like most of our raffle prizes, there may be some flaw in the casting which makes him a “rescue”, but I didn’t find anything obviously wrong with him.
He is beautiful, and is waiting to go home with the winner of this months raffle!
If you would like a chance to win Grackle,
email me your Windstone forum name, real name and address with the “September 2010 raffle” in the subject line. .
If you have entered these raffles before , just include your forum name(if you haven’t moved), I know who you are.
I will choose a winner sometime at the end of the month, you can enter anytime before that.
My email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com

3 thoughts on “September 2010 Raffle

  1. I really love the colors of this dragon. They are very striking. Absolutely wonderful!!! 🙂

  2. Wow! He’s stunning!


  3. He’s just beautiful. I would LOVE to see more dragons in this color scheme!

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