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August raffle

Ok folks, I have a prize for the August raffle here, but he is a secret.
He is a dragon, his name is “Wampus Cat”, and he is flamboyantly marked. People who look at him go “wow”, then they stand there a minute before they say ” I kinda like him” .

You have been warned.

I painted Wampus Cat to be an Ebay “Artist’s edition” but after I had started painting him I noticed that he had some casting defects, so he is now a raffle prize.

If you would like to win a wild looking, surprise dragon, who will definitely not add to a sense of refined taste to your home, email me your Windstone forum name, real name and address with the words August 2010 raffle in the subject line.

If you have entered these raffles before, just send me your forum name – I know who you are.
My email address is: reptangle at gmail dot com

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