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Raffle prizes for April 2016

This time, the winner of the April raffle may have their choice of one of these fine gothic unicorns from the horn section of our orchestra.
There is “Cal” the calico, “Buckeye” the buckskin , or “Goldie-chippytoe” the color-shift golden unicorn. ( I’ll fix Chippy’s chipped toenail when I get a chance )
If you would like a chance to take your pick of these three gentlemen, email me your forum name, real name and address with the words “April 2016 raffle” in the subject line.

My email is: reptangle ( at ) gmail (dot) com

Please remember to put the words “April 2016 raffle ” in the subject line, or I may not find you entry.
I’ll pick a winner at the end tf the month ( coming up quick!!) and I’ll announce the winner in the “Announcements” section of the forum.


2 thoughts on “Raffle prizes for April 2016

  1. Oh wow, all three of them are very handsome! What a hard decision the winner will have.

  2. I have a question. Is the winner also emailed, or do they just find out on the announcement page?

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