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Pebble fox

This is the Pebble Fennec. He is tiny, about as big as a Hackey-sack.
Ok, you may not know how big a Hackey-sack is, so I’ve included a pic of the fennec in my son, Griffin’s hand.
This sculpture is slightly abstract and has a highly polished surface. I have no idea how we will ultimately finish these guys, but he looks cute with a blush of tan, some antiquing and high gloss finish, though the way these feel with a buffed wax finish is wonderful… like a bar of rich soap.
I am planning to do a series of pebble foxes Just need to find the time!
This fox is inching his way towards production. With luck he will be available soon, along with the pebble cats!

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I’ll try to get a pic of the December Raffle prize on here tomorrow!

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