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Packing department

I think carts of finished product is a lovely sight. It is so nice to see stuff getting finished! I thought these bobcats looked so cute all laid out like cupcakes on a bakery rack.
The packing department is starting to be filled with product, but even this last stage of the finishing process is a learning experience. The packers are trying to figure out how to glue eyes into cat candle lamps without getting glue all over the eyes, and many of our molds have shrunk so the eye sockets need enlarging.
I just had the nerve wracking experience of enlarging the tight horn-holes on all of these Amethyst Oriental dragons with a dremel tool. I didn’t wreck any! I wish that made up for all the other things I HAVE wrecked with that tool. The Orientals are being cast now, but I think that we will probably keep them as either limited edition or limited production pieces, because they are still hard to produce. The seam line on the belly is very hard to clean up.

8 thoughts on “Packing department

  1. I love those photos! Those bobcats really do look cute like that, and I can’t wait to get my hands on an amethyst oriental! That’s great none of them got wrecked.

  2. Is wracking a word??
    I always use that expression but I don’t know what it means.

  3. The bobcats are too cute! What a sight! And I love the Oriental dragons. Thank you for going through the trouble of making them!

  4. waiting list please? *grabby hands for the dragons*
    Lucky number 13 <3 do want please

  5. Oh I really, really need one of each…wants!!

  6. Here kitties…kitties…kitties!

    I just love the first bottom left one! WOW! The details!

  7. It’s too hard seeing them all, want to pick my favorite out in person, and Oregon is not in my travel plans at the moment. Hmmmm. Perhaps it SHOULD be.

  8. It’s not until you commented on one in particular, that I bothered to look at each of the bobcats closely. Ha, there face, body, and head markings are quite different from each other! I definitely like some more than others with preferences to those with less white on the face. That first one is sweet!

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