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New Flap cat colors

This is a photo shopped pic of three, make that four, new flapcat colors I have painted. ( I flipped the black sunset cat , he really faces the other way)
I have been painting all the flapcats I can find around here. We have quite a few of the eye shut ones, so I have painted a batch of them in orange and white. The eye open ones are painted in Orange tabby and tuxedo with black sunset wings. The tuxedo cat shown here has allot of black on him, but I have also painted some of these with much more white on the undersides.

I am working on a limited edition “Bengal” cat pattern too. I am finding that is difficult to paint this color cat because airbrushing spots is difficult to start with, and also there isn’t really enough cat body showing on these flapcats to fit allot of the leopard-like rosette markings onto. The majority of the markings are hidden by the wings, but, wow, Bengal cats are beautiful! They look like little leopards! So pretty! They come in silver and rich orange. Amazing!

6 thoughts on “New Flap cat colors

  1. Please, please, please, pretty please make these available in the store!! I can’t afford the prices on ebay.

  2. Oh God, I have bengal cats! Do you realize what this is going to do to my savings account?!?

    (There just isn’t much decent Bengal stuff out there, thanks to the CFA refusing to recognize them)

  3. Just astounding Melody. Seeing the bengals makes me daydream of being able to hand paint a kitty n__n I’ll squeak for the first time ever for a flapcat PYO.

  4. So beautiful! Please consider producing the eyes shut kitty sculpt as production, or limited production. We need more kitties!

  5. Title says it all.

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