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More of our OLD Windstones

I found this ink drawing I did of three pieces from the original old animal line that was produced by us, Windstone Editions, when we first started the company about 25 years ago. The lion and lamb sculptures are extremely rare, and unfortunately, we haven’t found any of these castings unpainted, but we did find several of these fine Mother Grizzly bears.
I will be painting these old sows soon as I can get to them. They are in boxes, on a cart, in our new shop… somewhere. We have a problem finding stuff.

They are large sculptures, around the size of the Male dragon, but maybe even heavier because she is wearing her summer layer of fat right now.

These old animals are intended to be whimsical, they aren’t intended to be perfectly realistic. This is the excuse I am using to partially explain the glaring anatomical inaccuracies in the 10 “Barn Owl” sculptures I have just finished painting.These leftover owls are the oldest version of Barn Owl castings ( wait , is a “casting” what you call those hairy things owls chuck up after they have eaten a whole mouse?) This old version, in addition to having heavily feathered legs, which barn owls do not have, they, uh… this is embarrassing… have three toes on the front of their feet. Now I KNEW that owls only have two toes in the front. I just forgot. The later Barn Owls had this problem fixed. Whimsical or not, that is TOO big of a mistake to make! Yeek. -Melody

3 thoughts on “More of our OLD Windstones

  1. I’d never have known those barn owls were not anatomically correct if you hadn’t said anything! I think they’re awesome, and am super happy that you found some! I want one real bad! XD

    Good job on your post, btw!

  2. I really love the sketch of the bear! I look forward to seeing it painted. As for the Owls…They are gorgeous! I, like the other commenter, would have never seen the difference.

  3. I love love love the owls. I hope I’m able to snag one when they hit the store.

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