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This is an unfinished digital painting I’ve been working on, and a quick sketch of a Hippogriff. I’ m trying to get a feel for this creature. Each individual part is easy, but putting the whole creature all together is a nightmare!
I am planning to do Hippogriffs as Windstone sculptures, either as Paint-Your-Owns, or as production pieces. After doing one rough clay of a lying mare, ( she is pictured here, in my gallery ) I am finding that this is the fantasy animal whose proportions I have the most trouble with. Hippogriffs have some unresolvable conflicts of proportion when you combine a lion and horse body with an eagle’s. The horse hind legs are long and thin, the eagle/lion front legs are shorter and thicker. No matter how I do it, the horse hind end ends up looking too small and weak. I have gotten around this issue with the one hippogiff I have done so far ( The candle holder, pictured here: ) by having him sit up with the troublesome eagle paws held up, So you can’t really tell how big they are in comparison to the horse legs !

8 thoughts on “Hippogriffs

  1. I am continually amazed at your talent, Melody. Have you tried using draft horse legs instead of thoroughbred legs?

  2. I was thinking the same thing. =D Or just give it slenderized lion legs in the front? The one in your gallery doesn’t look bad. o.o

  3. The painting is beautiful. I love the way you “equinized” the raptor head with those large cheekbones. The lighting is perfect too.

  4. That digital painting is beautiful =] Did you find it difficult to transition from the physical mediums in making art to digital?

  5. YES! I have trouble with everything.

  6. It would need “my little pony” legs to make it seem balanced!

  7. Hehe. Little bent, rubberized columns. THAT would do it.

  8. Make the horse end a thick, meaty draft horse.

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