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Mini Catalogs

I was asked about our “mini catalogs” in a thread by “Kitsunelady” on our Windstone forum:

These are tiny catalogs we printed with pictures of all the Windstones that we had for sale at the time that the catalog was published. They were free for the retail stores to give away to their customers, and we printed new ones when we came out with new sculpture. When we ran out of these catalogs, we often used the latest favorite sculpture we had as new cover picture, but not always. We sometimes reprinted the same sculpture image, but with some differences, like a different type color or other small change.

Kitsunelady asked how many different ones there are, and I had no idea!

Yesterday, I found a box with a bunch of different catalogs in it, so I am compiling a list. I know these aren’t all of them. I’ll scan and post more as I come across new ones.

There are a few I know are missing from this group: The one with the “Sea Fire Mermaid sconce”, the “Rock Dragon” one, and the last one we did, that has the black and white face of the “Wizard Cat” on the cover*.

I put the year they were printed under the images. There certainly seems to be a lot of them missing! If any of you have some of the missing ones, or if you have others that I don’t have here, I would love to have a pic of it to post!

*edit* People are adding to the ” missing ” list.
I found a Wizard cat one, and others were scaned and emailed to me:
Thank you, 2 huberts and Natalie!
Thank you also, Kitsunelady and Jasmine!
And Drag0nfeathers, and everyone else who is rooting through their desks and closets to see which they have!.
Thanks Frozendragon!

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