Karolane Robert


I was wondering if someone could be interested in a trade? I have a few interesting windstone available for trade and I am interested in a baby laying down baby hippo or standing.

I don’t have any test paint or grab bag (except a AWD baby hippo available for trade)

This is what I have:
- ruby mother dragon
- Ruby Fledgling
- Amethyst Fledgling
- peacock rising spectral
- Peacock old warrior
- mother griffin gargoyle
- ivory Q-lin
-white baby Pegasus (no collar)
- white male Pegasus
- kirin family (caramel color)
- PYO dragon and snerl
- White scratcher dragon (but I really like him really really much😅, may be difficult for me to let him go)
- etc etc

Pmd me!

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Posted: 07/02/2024 Expires: 08/01/2024