Seeking/Wanted a mother meerkat, when Meerkat Manor came on TV, a new watcher appeared, my now deceased but still just as much loved, Jinyxy was getting up as close to the screen as she could to see the little guys….if the babies came on, she’d get even closer, putting her little nose up against the screen close, fascinated by them….so I always associate them with her watching them and moreso since she passed in 2019 and guess it just kinda feels like if I had one, it would feel like I was closer to her again…..It’s not just a sculpt to me, it’s a memory of a much better time when she was still alive……so if you have one of these, please PM with what you'd like to sell for or trade for and hopefully we can make a deal......

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Posted: 06/13/2024 Expires: 07/16/2024