• drag0n's Wishlist of Unobtainable Awesomeness

    drag0n's Wishlist of Unobtainable Awesomeness

    A list of pieces I'll always dream of. 99% are unobtainable, but that means 1% might be. Secret Keepers- Rococco Oceans Flame Nights Fire Orion Emperor - Arc-en-ciel WampusCat Contusion Emerald Tiger Oil Spot Calypso Ocean Python Old Warrior - Dragon Quail Obsidian Frost Mystic Jade Orion Spectral - Dart Frog Rising Barn Swallow #1 (not #2) Amazon Milk Frog Rising Autumn Tiger Rising Lavender Tabby Sitting Rainbow Tiger Sitting Midnight Flame Sitting Winter Storm Sitting Male Dragon - Siphlophis Betta Dart Frog Stormscale Monochrome Python Lap Dragon - Barn Swallow Dart Frog Oceans Flame Scratching Dragon - Tiger Berry Lavender Dream Young Dragons - Barn Swallow Autumn Harvest Fledgling - Barn Swallow Spring Copper #2 (not #1) Sand Tiger Sand Bengal Hatching Royalty - Calypso Empress Brimstone Empress Sunstripe Emperor Dusty Rose Kinglet Watermelon Kinglet Indigo Rockfish Emperor + Empress Copper Rockfish Emperor + Empress Tie Dye Emperor + Empress Orion Hatching Emperor + Kinglet Curlie - Tie Dye Barn Swallow Ribbon Bacon &
    Posted: 03/03/2024 Expires: 04/02/2024
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