• drag0n's Wishlist of Unobtainable Awesomeness

    drag0n's Wishlist of Unobtainable Awesomeness

    A list of pieces I'll always dream of obtaining, yet 99% are unobtainable... that means 1% might be though ^_^ Arc-en-ciel Emperor Contusion Emperor Dragon Oil Spot Emperor Dragon Calypso Emperor Dragon Dragon Quail Old Warrior Obsidian Frost Old Warrior Mystic Jade Old Warrior Orion Old Warrior Dart Frog Rising Spectral Dragon Barn Swallow Rising Spectral #1 (have #2 to trade?) Dart Frog Male Dragon Siphlophis Male Dragon Betta Male Dragon Calypso Male Dragon Barn Swallow Lap Dragon Dart Frog Lap Dragon Barn Swallow Young Dragon Spring Copper Fledgling #2 (not #1) Sand Tiger Fledgling Sand Bengal Fledgling Indigo Rockfish Hatching Royalty Copper Rockfish Hatching Royalty Tie Dye Hatching Royalty Orion Hatching Royalty Tie Dye Curled Dragon Barn Swallow Curled Dragon Bacon &
    Posted: 11/06/2022 Expires: 12/06/2022
    Category: Special eBay Editions Price: Free