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Last minute June raffle!

OK! OK! I found something!
This is “Zonker”, the Zedonk Hatching Pegasus.

He is the prize for the June Windstone raffle.
He is about the size of a lemon. His extended wing is painted pewter, so that it is durable. The rest of him is cast gypsum, and he has brown glass eyes.

If you would like a chance to win Zonker, email me with your forum name, real name and address, with the words “June raffle” in the subject line.
Hurry and send me your entry, I will draw a winner on July 4th!

If you have entered these raffles before, just your forum name is fine.
My email address is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com.
If you would like to be entered in the raffle, but you AREN’T a forum member, You are most welcome to join! (the forum is acting a little weird today, but it will get back to normal soon)

Welcome to Windstone Editions

One thought on “Last minute June raffle!

  1. Thank you so much Melody for Zonker. I have had alot of stress in my
    life and he is like a ray of sunshine to me. I saw a donkey who lives near
    the elementary school just a couple weeks ago. This is great! Love Diana
    also known as Dee. P.S. I love all of your beautiful creations I so look
    forward to seeing Zonker in the mail : )

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