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Last minute editing of the Kickstarter page

Getting down to the wire, I am doing some last minute editing of the Kickstarter page, I hope this all works!

If there is a lot of demand for different assortments of stuff, I can add more things during the campaign.

4 thoughts on “Last minute editing of the Kickstarter page

  1. No running, screaming, and jumping out of windows (please).

  2. LOL! You’ll be fine Melody, and your Kickstarter will be Great!

    I predict a 1000%+ Funded rate by the time it ends – and I think I’m being conservative. Good Luck on Thursday’s launch! YAY!

  3. I just backed! I can’t wait! I got the two books and a Sir Garlan deal + add on mini Poad! I wish I could get one of the regular adult poads too, maybe yet?! I’m sure the kickstarter will be fully backed no problem – paws crossed though! 😊

  4. Tide Pod Poad baby kickstarter raffle, squeee! If I can put him in my mouth can I at least lick him if I win?!

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