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Ok I am planning to launch THE KICKSTARTER to raise funds to print  “The Veligent ” Graphic novel on Thursday March 29!

I’ll talk about how Kickstarter works, as much as I know anyway ! I am still a newbie, though I’ve spent nearly a year working on this project!

There are going to be tons of sculpture rewards, in addition to the books, as well as other rewards that I can add during the campaign… it will be a month long ongoing event! 

We're all excited about the kickstarter!

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter!

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m waiting with Much Anticipation and Hope that Thursday comes quickly and I can pledge the Reward Tier to get a Reptanglian Adult Poad (red or orange eyed one would be AWESOME!) And some Bean Poads and at least three Graphic Novels – YAY!

    Will a Store Announcement email go out by any chance to let us know the Kickstarter is live?

  2. Looking forward to it also, ‘tons of sculpture awards’ yay! I will be working then- don’t have a smartphone and no computer access there-but will check as soon as I get home!

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