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The Book!

THE BOOK!!   Ha Ha! I was just trying to post to our new Kickstarter blog page, but it posted here instead.   Nice book mock-up though, isn’t it? Made with Photoshop.

I hope to launch Thursday March 29th!

5 thoughts on “The Book!

  1. That looks so great are you starting the kickstarter now?

    1. I am planning to launch Thursday, March 29th!! I’ll be posting a lot more info about it in the next few days!

  2. Looks great! Looking forward to the kickstarter

  3. Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
    When!?! When!?!

    I Can’t Wait! Soooooo Excited to see this happen!

    1. I am planning to launch this Thursday March 29!! The basic page is done, and I can add more rewards and stretch goals, perks and stuff after it is “live”.

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