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Ok so what do we call this new one?

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  1. Black Violet Emerald Peacock (BVEP) is a bit of a mouthful.

    So I suggest Oil Spill or Nebula. :bigsmile:

  2. I think if this version of the color is THE ONE and you plan to keep it and love it and paint lots of different sculpts with it for a prolonged period of time, give it a new name to avoid confusion.
    If it’s just a phase in the evolution of Black emerald green violet bits of blue pretty purple/black greenish gold dragons then keep the similiar names either BVP or BEP; they both describe it just fine.
    Just don’t let the name confusion delay his grand entrance into the online store!

  3. Black Candy was a good one mentioned. Black Sunset/Sunrise?

    Black Gold Peacock.

    I still think ‘black’ should be in the name. And I think this would suit a limited production, like silver or CP. It would look nice in a lot of sculpts.

  4. [quote=littleironhorse]Black Violet Emerald Peacock (BVEP) is a bit of a mouthful.

    So I suggest Oil Spill or Nebula. :bigsmile:[/quote]

    LOL’ing at “Oil Spill”!

    In all seriousness, trying to figure out the differences on Pam’s pics made my head spin. From a collector standpoint, if this really isn’t an extension of a current or past color scheme AND it’s going to be available on a number of sculpts going forward, I’d give it a non color themed name (Nebula/Northern Lights/whatever) to differentiate it from the other black with violet/green/blue dragons you already have out there. To my aging brain, that would make it easier to identify down the road than going “is the green at the top of the wing or the bottom? Must be a BEP/BVP/BVEP then…”

    Just my .02 worth, and probably worth about that much! He’s lovely either way!

  5. Name suggestions…

    Aurora Borealis (I think this fits it particularly well)

    Norther Lights

    Black Nebula


    Black Vivid Peacock

    or you could just go for good old Black Emerald Violet Peacock… or Black Violet Emerald Peacock, LOL!!!

  6. Shimmering Shadow =P Ebony Rainbow? Obsidion Aurora!

  7. Why not just call him BVP? He doesn’t match the proto BEP or BVP OW’s, but he is almost an exact match to the BVP Lap (except he has gold added to his wings). Other colors have evolved in similar, and even more drastic ways, but still kept their name. The first Copper Patina dragons looked a lot different from current ones. There are variations in Rainbow dragons, Gold, and Peacock dragons, Silver Grulla unicorns, and lots of others, which came about as the colors were improved or the painters changed. I think this OW is just way too close to the BVP Lap to call him another color. If anything, call it BVP ver2 (if you want to continue making BVP dragons that dont have gold added). Several LP colors have a “ver 2”.

    The problem is this.. Suppose we did give it a new name, like “Northern Lights”. Then we decide to paint “Northern Light” Lap dragons. They would look the same as BVP Laps except for having gold and emerald at the top of the wing instead of just emerald. Or perhaps we would decide to make more BVP OW’s. Would they follow the color scheme of the first BVP Laps (thus making them look almost the same as Northern Light) or would they follow the colors of the BVP proto OW’s? If the latter, what would future BVP Laps look like? Would they look like the originals, or would they follow the colors of the BVP proto OW’s?

  8. A new eye color in addition to the new name would help end the confustion of BEP BVP BVEPXYZ. There aren’t enough GREEN eyed dragons out there IMO. 🙂

  9. We’ve already glued the eyes in.

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