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BEP vs BVP (rebuttle by Pam)

I (Pam Thompson) contend that the new Old Warrior is in fact BVP. I present to you this evidence. Please note the color arrangement for BVP vs BEP (BVP pattern is a reverse of BEP), and the similarity between the new Old Warrior and the BVP Lap Dragon.

3 thoughts on “BEP vs BVP (rebuttle by Pam)

  1. It’s your dragon design call it as you like to. But as my 2 cents I agree that it follows the BVP more

  2. Name the color Northern Lights . I like that one . He looks like that . Or black violet peacock . I love him and want him .

  3. I definitely agree that it follows BVP rather than BEP, and it matches the BVP laps much better than the original run of Prototype BVP Old Warriors.

    Just as long as you paint ’em, I don’t really care what they’re named! 🙂

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