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A "Grab Bag" edition of Young Unicorns

Grab bag editions seem to be well liked, so until we cast more baby unicorns, I kept busy airbrushing this small edition of Young unicorns.

The fun of a “grab Bag” edition is that you will not know which one of these you have until you open the box.
These are, like the previous edition of grab bag baby unicorns, painted in a variety of realistic horse colors but with some unusual eye colors among them. Each one of these is such an individual that Chessie (the person in charge of gluing in the eyes and jewels, but she is really a writer) decided to give each one an individual name. The unicorns’ names are written on the felt pad along with my signature.

These will be available in our Windstone Editions online store, probably today, which is April 15.
I made an effort to copy real horse colors and markings. Among these are Appaloosas, a range of buckskin, dun, palomino and chestnut colors, Overo, Tobiano and Gypsy Vanner pintos, Pintoloosas and a red/blue roan named “Rose Dust”

7 thoughts on “A "Grab Bag" edition of Young Unicorns

  1. Start throwing in some red-eyed unicorns in a future batch. THAT would be different. 😀

  2. oh my heavens! I LOVE that palamino in front with the all creamy colored mane and tail *melts*

  3. They are in the store now.

  4. They arent sold out yet are they? It just shows me the ‘notify you when theyre back in stock’ button.

  5. Photobucket

    Why do these things always come out when I am away from my computer?

  6. I can’t see any pix here either. I need to see those pix because if there are more actual colours that are further away from a white base with just touches of colour, I know my cousin will want one very badly. She most obviously desires terribly, a Buckskin that she’d be your indentured servant for a year.

    But after the Baby Goof Up edition grab bag, and her receiving a mostly white one, shes not a fan of not knowing what she is getting, especially anything over say, $75. Pretty hard to get someone to swap and I don’t suspect anyone would want to give up their Buckskin or Dun if they had one, for anything else we might get.

    Course, we never knew they were for sale because they never made the front page of the store. You either had to be on the forum a lot to see the release topic and hope a friend would tell you about it, or you have to go through every single category of sculpts to see whats been added. This is what I miss about the OLD front page and how it always updated us with NEW things in stock or hot restocks. Still, that said, can’t believe these sold out so fast being so hidden from my perspective.

    Again – can’t see any photos, anywhere from any link but seems by comments here that some of you can. Can anyone copy and repost pics in their own post?

  7. There is now a picture visable in the store and there WILL be another batch (Melody Promised). These sold out unbelievably quickly when we put them in the store the other day. And to those who like it when we limit the quantity one can purchase, I apologize because I never even gave that a single thought – I was so upset with the picture not posting properly! I was probably still wrestling with it when they sold out.

    When the second batch becomes available we will consider the limit based on the result of Jennifer’s poll about that in the forum. Be sure to press the “notify” button on the Young Unicorn Grab Bag Edition page to be automaticaly emailed when it’s restocked.

    For those of you who miss things about the old store, I miss things about it too. Please know that we are striving to improve this new store and ultimately it should work better for us all than the old one did. But it takes TIME – it’s a tedious job to fine tune our website. Please be patient.

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