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new stuff for store

Just a heads-up of things in the works this week:
Spotty ( beagle) Crouching Griffin Chicks, Pink Curlies, Silver Rising Spectrals and Emperors, Blackgold Rising Spectrals and Sand fledgelings.

I will try to get a pic of the April raffle prize up today, here, if the website lets me upload images ( and if I can get this $%$#% computer to work), if not I’ll post it on my facebook page, and the Windstone facebook page.

This is a pic of a pink curlie, version 2, still sitting on my paint wheel.The base color is nearly identical to the first batch that we sold, but I antiqued these with a deep rose pink so they seem to glow with pinkness.

4 thoughts on “new stuff for store

  1. SAND FLEDGLINGS?!! *dies of happiness*

  2. I like this batch of pink curlies better

    (*&* NKDF DFBDFIL!!! silver rising spectrals!!?!? omg!! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Dear Melody. Thank you so much for making more pink curlies. This light
    pink version I just recieved in the mail is so beautiful. It is like Christmas
    arriving early. Dee : )

  4. This is an amazing pink and gold combo!! Would love it on a coiled mother or spectral.

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