I painted more of them! Thought you’d like to see a snapshot, even though they don’t have their eyes and horns yet.

Notice the crisp markings on the pintos? I cut stencils this time, so no more soft-edged pinto markings. This batch has many palominos and buckskins, a few blood bays with “high white” markings, and a couple “Pangare” marked ones, along with lots of silver grulla pintos and appaloosas.
These guys will get finished with an assortment of eye and jewel colors and they will be signed.

I guess I should explain what grab bag unicorns are, for those of you new to this sport!

I have painted these unicorns in a large variety of colors, no two exactly alike. The color of the unicorn you have purchased will be a complete mystery until you open the box!

These will be available through our online Windstone store soon! http://www.windstoneeditions.com/catalog
( sorry for all the photoshop gunk on the “group shot” photo. I was working on a really dark monitor and I couldn’t see it!)