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Grab bag baby unicorns Aug 2011

Here is a class photo of the the latest batch of baby unicorns. This group has more individuals with fantasy colors. There are lots of metallic colored ones and a calico or two, and some interesting eye colors. These have all been dusted with “magic invisible paint” too, so they will sparkle in the sunlight.
They will go into the store soon , maybe today!

10 thoughts on “Grab bag baby unicorns Aug 2011

  1. And I see a couple of fuzzies sneaked in there :bigsmile:

    Well, there’s no other option for me this time, I will have to buy a couple and hope for a metallic solid color!

  2. the fuzzies camouflaged really well!

  3. They are definately not going into the store today, Monday August 29th. Hopefully tomorrow. Don’t forget to say “Love Fuzzy”!

  4. I’m normally a dragon person, but these grab bag unicorns are quite possibly the best thing to ever come out of the store. I cant get enough of them!

  5. These are in the store now (8/30/11 10:40 am) here’s a link:

    The emails generated by the “notify” button seem to have got stuck and not gone out – I APOLOGIZE – we are figuring out what went wrong.

  6. How annoying…. because of the stupid hurricane, I’ve been without power and internet for two and a half days and totally missed them…. šŸ™ Any chance for making any more?

  7. drat! totally missed them!

  8. Please note: the remaining Grab Bag Baby Unicorns will NOT be ready today, August 31st. You may relax. And PLEASE do not run any auto-refreshering or update scanners on the site. Press the “notify” button and make sure you have your correct email address in there to be emailed when they are back in stock.

  9. Still marveling that Melody painted this healthy-sized herd of OOAK Unis all on her own. Goo. Master of Unicorns.

  10. Pleaseee make more like these, they’re all so beautiful and I need all of them! (Or you know, at least one xD or maybe two xDD)

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