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      Hello all! I’m trying to clear out some of my treasures and raise a little money for the holiday season. Please take a look and let me know if there’s something you’d like! I’m happy to ship outside of the US as well as domestically. I’m also happy to haggle – though I’m more likely to offer a bigger discount if you’d like to purchase multiple things. All prices do not include shipping.

       photo IMG_2177 467x640_zpsuvz3ffvi.jpg photo IMG_2176 480x640_zpshldwc6bj.jpg photo IMG_2180 480x640_zpss7ga1js7.jpgSkyrim resin figurine of Alduin, the big bad boss dragon from the latest edition of the Elder Scrolls series. This figure came as part of the special edition box set. He’s supposed to be perched on the back of a stone monument, but could just as easily be hung up or hooked over the top of a book. The innermost spine on his left wing is missing, but it’s hard to see from most angles. Measures about 14″ tall by 11″ deep by 7″ wide. Asking $15

       photo IMG_2181 640x480_zpsyeazxdan.jpgFour new Japanese ‘gashapon’ mini-puzzle figures. From right to left is an NHK Velociraptor, Kabaya goliath butterfly, Kaiyodo Dinotales Acrocanthosaurus, and Kaiyodo Dinotales Parasaurolophus. Asking $7 for all

       photo vintage ivory dubarry pyralin celluloid nail kit brush dish monogrammed antique3 640x480_zpsjkuzfouu.jpg Antique Du Barry Pyralin grooming set. Pyralin is a type of celluloid plastic used to make faux ivory products throughout the early 1900s, and has a lovely subtle banded texture like real ivory. All pieces are in excellent condition. The set includes a dish with monogrammed (“CBS”) lid, nail buffing brush with soft suede pad and case, brush, and nail cleaning tool. All but the dish are marked with a DuBarry Pyralin stamp. Asking $20

       photo P1610548 640x480_zps0hxtuft4.jpg Breyer American Saddlebred horse #9070 (black tobiano), in production from 1990 to 1994. Some playwear but in very good condition. Asking $4

       photo P1610545 640x480_zpsintf5yws.jpg Antique Pratt Fenton transferware plate from the early 1900s, featuring hand-tinted farm scene amidst ruins, with a painted pink border. Crazing, wear from use, and a small chip out of the lower left rim, but the pattern and gold accents are in very good condition and still glossy. Marked “Pratt 123 Fenton” on the back. Asking $10

       photo P1610541 480x640_zpslneyowzz.jpg Disney’s Darkwing Duck coin bank. Still in great shape with the plug at the bottom included. Asking $4

       photo P1390248 480x640_zpsgr12gvf0.jpg Space Jam miniature play set. All parts included, everything folds closed and the case is shaped like Swackhammer’s head. Asking $4

       photo P1390232 480x640_zpsjuqpkxgz.jpg Vintage Asian Mickey Mouse barrel game with original box. I can’t quite place the country’s language on the box and stickers – any suggestions? Made by Tomy in 1980. The box is a little bent up and some of the candy pieces are missing, but overall still in great shape, an unusual piece for Disney collectors. Asking $10

       photo P2420032 640x480_zpsvwl5fdap.jpgBrand new Switch It see-through handbag organizer, made by Nan. This is made to fit inside of a handbag, but could also easily be carried as-is. Some schools and workplaces require bags to be see-through, so this fits the bill! Comes with a black zippered pouch that clips into place in the bag’s main compartment, and a shoulder strap. The bag has a main central pocket, two large side pockets, one zippered compartment, and five outer organizers, in addition to the zippered black pouch. Also has a clip in the main pocket for attaching keys, etc. Measures 9″ across by 8.5″ tall. Asking $15

       photo P2420018 640x480_zpsrdnpkiby.jpg1989 leopard plush, made by Applause for the World Wildlife Fund. Can stand on its own. There are airbrushed details on the face and ears. He’s only had one owner (me) and has only been displayed, but has some very slight wear to the face. Measures 24″ long from head to tail tip. Asking $15

       photo IMG_2141 480x640_zpsalyjn7l9.jpg
       photo IMG_2142_640x480_zpsm1ijsrrz.jpgFemale torso dress form. This form is made of hard foam with a fabric exterior. It has a pipe and clamp fitted into the bottom so that it can be attached to a floor stand. There’s a little dust here and there but has not been pinned into or dented in. Asking $25

       photo P2420026 640x480_zps8jjqk42s.jpg
       photo P2420023 640x480_zpsbewhkhq0.jpgVanishing Wild animal models, made by Safari Ltd. These figures went out of production in the mid-90’s, and feature a lot of lifelike detail and hand painted accents. Solid plastic, pretty heavy, and great for display or playing with. They are all brand new with tags. The zebra is 7.5″ long and the mamma grizzly is 6″ long. Asking $7 for the zebra, $10 for the three bears.

       photo P2420021 640x478_zpsyvmgwlws.jpg“The Wuzzles” Bumblelion picture frame. Children of the 80’s should remember the classic Disney animated TV show The Wuzzles! This wooden frame was made by Applause in 1985. No scuffs or fading, but the two yellow pipe-cleaner antennae are missing. Measures 5.5″ across with a 3″ round opening for the picture. Has a plastic tabletop stand on the back. Asking $3

       photo P2420028 462x640_zpsiekxeto0.jpgTennis anyone? This is an all-wood old fashioned vintage tennis racket made by Davis. This is the Hi-Point TAD model. All strings are present and nice and tight. The hand grip is in great condition with no rubbing damage or peeling adhesive. Some rubbing to the wood around the edge of the frame, but the frame itself is not warped and still has a lot of playing life in it. Asking $10

      More items to come as I can snap pictures of them! Thanks everyone for looking 🙂

      Forever seeking: Blackwatch the raffle Old Warrior, Jennifer Miller's pieces, and GB Baby unis!


        Man that racket is gorgeous! I wish you the best of luck selling everything! 😀

        Check out my finished artwork at http://falcolf.deviantart.com/ and my sketch/studio blog at http://rosannapbrost.tumblr.com/



          Whoops, double post sorry. (Darn computer.)

          Check out my finished artwork at http://falcolf.deviantart.com/ and my sketch/studio blog at http://rosannapbrost.tumblr.com/



            Oh my gosh the nostalgia on Bumblelion! <3 Good luck with sales!

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