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      I am in love! She is so cute and grumpy! Love it!


        I got mine today! Message me if you’re interested in a trade.

        Rebecca you have my absolute favorite!!! Congrats on a beautiful grab!!! Thanks for the photos!!! I’m in awe at the textures on him!!! Love love him!


          Well, my qi-lin was stolen. I was out of town when he was delivered, and instead of doing their job and putting the package in the package locker they just left it out for anyone to take.
          Thankfully Susie allowed me to purchase a second one. I’m still very upset about it. I’ve never had a package stolen, and of all the packages I’ve had delivered, only one was left out like this (and thankfully my friend that sent it was monitoring the tracking, otherwise I wouldn’t have ever realized it was delivered and it too would likely have been stolen)…
          Why couldn’t it have been something cheap and easily replaced that was stolen… also spending double the money for him isn’t great. But alas.

          I haven’t seen any of my favorites posted so far, so hopefully I’ll get one I really like.


            The biggest bummer about this is if your stolen guy ever shows up on eBay, you’d never know it was yours!!


              Exactly! I actually looked on ebay real quick after all of this… but no qi-lins. If one comes out of Seattle, that would be a possible lead, but still not a pinpoint. I’m surely not the only windstone collector living in Seattle!
              Now if I bought a qi-in out of Seattle and the return address was my apartment complex… then…

              There’s a camera in the lobby too, but the manager I talked to didn’t sound too enthusiastic about “watching footage to see who took a package”. Apartment managers aren’t really great at doing much except taking your rent payment…

              Thankfully Susie added signature confirmation to this next qi-lin. I’m so grateful for y’all 🙏


                My Koi-lin arrived! A lot of lovely shading, and I like the subtle pearly-ness of the orange and yellow parts. But it’s not quite what I was hoping for, so there’s a trade ad up in the classifieds. This one is #63 from the numbered class photo. Thank you Melody for all of these little gems!



                And Kujacker, I’m sorry to hear about your stolen piece! I’m always nervous about my deliveries; only the smallest boxes can fit in our communal post office box’s package locker, so the rest get left out on the porch. I hope there’s still a chance the thief has a change of heart…

                Forever seeking: Blackwatch the raffle Old Warrior, Jennifer Miller's pieces, and GB Baby unis!


                  Kujacker I’m so sorry this happened!

                  That’s why I got a PO Box. Like most folks my front porch faces the street so anyone driving by can see anything that was left.

                  Is there any way you can pressure that manager to check the video footage? Would filing a police report help get them to check the video?

                  I’m just north of you. Almost to Everett. And probably some more of us, too in the area.


                    I talked to the “senior” manager. She was very angry. She told me this isn’t the first time package thefts have been reported, and she said she personally has “a beef” with the postal worker lady that delivers the packages here. “I know for a fact that that locker had plenty of space because [i]I[/i] personally emptied 24 slots on Saturday morning”. (you have 4 days to pick up your package before it’s taken out and put in the side hallway by the managers office, however I left a couple books in there cause, out of state, and they were left in there till I got back). She said there is NO excuse for packages to ever be left out.
                    She said she isn’t even sure if the cameras are currently working, because they are switching a lot of electronics and such (and other companies. This building is suppose to have a security guard 24/7 and I haven’t seen one in months). She did say that she will watch the cameras, if they were working, and find out who it was. She said she’s currently “serving 14 day notices” and I’m not sure why she told me that unless it meant “and if the person that stole your package is getting evicted, then we can act” or something. I don’t know.
                    I mentioned possibly contacting the police, but they would want video for that. She said if it comes to that, they’ll try and figure it out best they can.

                    And some information, this is a locked building. You cannot get into it without a key fob. So it was someone that lives in this building, not a passer by.

                    She also tried to say the company is actually responsible for the lost cost. Big companies like amazon, walmart etc, yes! Family owned, I’m not so sure. Besides, Windstone has never done me wrong (or anyone that I’m aware of), and always goes above and beyond, and I would never want to put them out because some asshat stole a package. It’s not their fault.

                    This is one hell of an expensive birthday gift to myself =__=


                      Ugh that sucks Kujacker, but I’m glad Suzie was able to get you another! I guess that’s one reason to be happy to have to deal with customs fees? I’m *always* going to the PO to get my box b/c of needing to pay duty and taxes.

                      On that note, I also just got my koi qi-lin in. She’s a lovely combo of copper, gold, silver and black with splashes of orange and tons of detail (#10). The color is so rich on her, it’s amazing. The photos don’t do her justice really. Seriously Melody the work you put into these is above and beyond!

                      This lovely gal is up for trade! I’m looking for Test Paints and Grab Bags of dragons, young unis, ponycorns, hippogriffs, and male griffons primarily (no pebbles or giraffe prints, please) I’d be open to other equines or griffons but I’m much pickier on those. 🙂

                      (PS I’m in Canada so please take shipping into account!)



                        Here’s my replacement. Honestly not sure how I feel about him. I’m fine to keep him, but if he’s up your alley, lemme know. He is #35 on the class photo. I tend to prefer darker color schemes and schemes that don’t have so much white or gold. Would also be fine to possibly trade for a fantasy qi-lin.



                          So sorry to bear about the loss if your first qi’lin Kujacker. Priority shipping comes with $50-$100 of insurance. Can you claim it? I mean the post office felt like they didn’t need to use the parcel lockers like they were supposed to. What evidence do they have they delivered it to the correct address? You’d be surprised how often stuff gets delivered to the wrong address. Submitting a claim has gotten some “lost” packages returned to me. I’d figure it’s worth a try. I also hope that you can trade for one you like more.

                          I wanted to post some pictures of a beautiful golden qi-lin I got in trade for my pink one from the first batch.




                            Kujacker, for sure try to file a claim with USPS. Its very possible they delivered it to the wrong address. I had that happen a few years ago. Package showed delivered, but not to me. About a week and a half later I got a phone from some random guy in the next town over. My package was delivered to his address (address and name not even kind of similar to mine) He was unable to bring the package to me, and USPS refused to pick it up and deliver it to me, so he tried to google for a phone number for me. I was able to get my package back that same day. (there is a whole long, funny story about picking it up. The guy legit had a zoo with all kinds of fancy birds and a Capybara that lived in the house).

                            I live just north of Seattle. a lot of the neighborhoods have their own little Facebook groups and Nextdoor groups, try posting in those for your area. Maybe someone accidentally got it and has not been able to deliver it to you yet!


                              I know Susie said she was going to file a claim, so I’m not sure if I go to file if it would be a double kind of thing. I should give it a go anyway… even though the internet says not to bother because USPS doesn’t ever pay out.

                              I don’t have facebook and never will. If, and this is a big if, it was delivered to the wrong address, they certainly have my address… It’s on the box (realistically USPS should pick up a package they incorrectly delivered). However, in all my life I have never had a package get lost in the mail or delivered to the wrong address (or, well, stolen either).

                              What this made me think about is adding signature confirmation on ALL my expensive packages from here on out. The packages can be delivered to the parcel locker without a signature because it’s secure, but they can’t leave the packages out otherwise. I won’t mind paying that $1 for piece of mind.


                                I’ve had USPS pay out. You just have to keep on them and talk to the right people (My uncle works for USPS). I haven’t had anything stolen, but I have had packages delivered to the wrong address. It happens, usually when they have a sub in for the regular mail person. USPS is so horribly understaffed right now. Our mailman told me a couple of months back that their “lost mail room” is filled to the ceiling with no one to sort it all. So the packages and letters sit until they have the staff to deal with it. :/

                                Anyway.. signature confirmation is the way to go! I really hope it turns up.


                                  Kujacker, you have nothing to lose by filling out a claim, but you do have the possibility of having them find your package. All you have to do is go to usps.com and fill out a form.

                                  As for signature confirmation, they will only leave a package if there is someone to sign for it. If no one is there, they take it back to the post office and you have to go pick it up there. Remember to bring your ID. They won’t leave it in a parcel locker. It’s definitely a lot more secure, but I’ve also heard of instances where someone who is not the owner signs for it and it gets misdelivered.

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