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    Wampus Dragon

      I am wanting to buy these particular GB unicorns or ones like them. PM me if you are interested in selling and I will let you know my offer price for it. It will always be twice store price or higher, depending on the particular unicorn. Im not exclusively looking for fantasy, as I loved a lot of the normal colored unicorns too.

      Colors I am looking for: ANY appaloosa (fantasy or normal), light palomino, solid fantasys(blue, green or purple), buckskins, flaxen liver chestnuts, roans.


      Babies(ones I want or ones similar, doesnt have to be these particular ones):

      Again with the babies I will consider ANY appaloosas, solids, fantasys… The only thing I really dont like is pintos. And the monetary offer is the same as the youngs. Twice store price or more for particular ones. Im REALLY loving almost anything with stripes.

      PM me if you want to sell! Thanks!


        Wow Wampus that sure didn’t take you long LOL! ^_^

        Got a busted Windstone?
        *OPEN for repairs*

        Arc-en-ciel Emperor
        Siphlophis Male Dragon
        Calypso Hatching Empress
        Ivory Moss Sitting Baby Kirin
        Tattoo Mother Kirin
        Emerald Tabby Male Griffin
        Tie Dye + Orion Hatching Royalty
        Indigo Rockfish + Flame Tabby Little Rock Dragons
        Dragon Quail + Obsidian Frost Old Warriors
        Betta Sun Dragon + Male Dragon
        Dreamscape, Orion, Poison Dart, Fireberry, Spangler + Tigerberry Dragons

        Wampus Dragon

          It never does. 😛

          Wampus Dragon

            double post wtf

            Wampus Dragon

              Time for bumping. If it has stripes, I will probably be interested.

              Wampus Dragon

                updated and bumping.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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