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    Especially since you are going to be packing up the casting dept before the painting dept, you can get to those wind wizards you found! Just don’t make them all rainbow, I know some people here love them, but I would rather have almost any other color… ruby, black gold, gold, silver, firey, white, etc.

    I personally think it would be awesome if you painted the windwizards in the black sunset coloring that you have on the griffins.

    Oh oh or, you could paint them in the ocean blue prototype that you’ve been working. But while we are talking prototype colors… there’s also autumn leaf, wine berry, rainforest…. goodness I’m drooling. I really love the wind wizard sculpt.

    Ugh you have so many freaking colors you could probably just divy up the box and do 10 LE of each which means I wouldn’t get one.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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