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    Has anyone else ever have a heart stopping moment?

    I have never, ever come close to disturbing my cabinet.

    For reasons unknown I somehow clipped my cabinet with a laundry basket.

    The cabinet is anchored to the wall with 3 anchors and each shelf is glued and taped in place.

    I hit it hard enough to knock two of my precious Ori dragons over.

    No damage thankfully. No one hit together. The black “platforms” are sturdy with soft leather over soft foam.

    Here are some pictures.

    Viewer discretion advised 😆

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    I don’t have any pictures but my older male cat decided that my PYO kirin needed to be knocked off the shelf….

    it was fine but it fell into my CP oriental, caused a clean break in the tail which I was able to fix with a little glue but my heart definitely skipped a beat for a moment with that one!

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    Oh goodness.

    The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.


    Great bunch of Oris💓
    I woke up one morning hearing somethings fall.I saw my DVD player,BluRay player,glass coasters and a unicorn(miraculously undamaged) on the floor from on top the 4ft tall speakers.I looked up and saw my deaf kitty walking across the top of the gun cabinet pushing some of the keepers up there to the edge.Yes,my heart fluttered.If you spook him,he freaks and I know disaster would happen so I froze until he jumped down.Heck of a way to wake up.

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    This is a terrifying thread!


    When I was still living at my mom’s, for a time I had my dragons on top of a tall bookshelf with no other high surfaces near it. Her floors are tile. One day I came home from work, looked up at the dragons, and a few were missing. After confronting everyone, I was handed the smashed remnants. One of the cats managed to get up there.

    Thanks to a skilled repairman, they did get returned to beauty. But I thought I was going to throw up when I looked into the box, and an eviscerated eye stared back up at me.


    Over 17 years ago, coming home from school one day and finding that a hatching pegasus had vibrated itself out of a shadow box on the wall of my bedroom (family was constantly slamming the front door, on the same wall of the house). The peg fell directly onto my pearl young dragon on the bookcase underneath it. The peg lost a wing, the dragon lost his face.

    Many years later, in my first solo apartment, watching helplessly as my newly adopted cat launched herself off the top shelf of the Dragon Bookcase (TM) and kicked a hatching dragon backwards into my old warrior. There was a clack like pool balls hitting against each other and a good chunk of the old warrior’s foot flew off. Clean break thankfully and was able to repair it near seamlessly with glue.

    A few weeks ago, dusting my collection and realizing with absolute horror and disgust that the bottom shelf of the Dragon Bookcase (TM) had been peed on by my tabby cat (we’ve been fighting a bad UTI for over a month). Spent an hour using enzyme cleaner on the wood and gently cleansing a cat wizard, a candle lamp, and my Poads with vinegar water and a washcloth. Had to cut the tag off one of the Poads; it was soaked in nastiness and not salvageable. Now the felt pads on the Windstones smell vaguely of vinegar but not urine, at least. The door of the spare bedroom where the Windstones live is now closed to the cats unless I’m actively in there supervising.


    When I’m sitting in the living room watching TV and hear a discernable THUD in my collection room and it dawns on me one of the cats got in there…

    Also… I have to say so many of my dream Orientals right there… so jealous *wipes nose smudges off screen*

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    Thankfully I haven’t had anything happen as bad as others have reported…. mine was when starting to paint the final clear coat on a PYO Swap piece it slipped out of my hand and dropped to the floor. Luckily no breaks, chips or anything. Thank god for carpeted floors and a sturdy PYO!

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    One day one of my cats decided to jump up on my high mantle. He didn’t have room to land and so grabbed at the nearest object which happened to be my Sun dragon and pulled it off onto the slate hearth. This was the result:


    Fortunately, Drag0nfeathers is a miracle worker and managed to restore him to his former glory for me.


    Celestial Rainstorm

    My moment was when I was first setting up my apartment, and I straight up dropped a geode on top of my poor Elven Curlies noggin! Took a good chip out of a head scale and his brow. I was rather upset as he’s an original, golden Elven.

    However as merrillannwhite mentioned for her gorgeous Sun, Drag0n swooped to the rescue and now you simply can’t tell the difference.

    Finding happiness again.


    Oh man o man. These stories are level 10 scary.

    (Thank you for the compliment DragonFeathers. You were the first person I thought of when I saw my rainbow one tilted over like that. If I ever damaged him I’m sure you’d call the Windstone Police and have them removed from my custody because they are in a dangerous environment 😆).

    It honestly makes me feel better knowing that most damage can be repaired with enough money and time. Still makes my heart stutter hearing these.

    The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.


    When I was moving in with my ex-husband after we first got married, he tripped in the uhaul while the box containing my black mother unicorn was in his hands. The box went flying out of the truck and my (now current) husband dove and caught it.

    I wasn’t there when it happened, but my heart was thumping when they told me about it a few hours later when I got there. My collection at that time was so small I didn’t bother to put the windstone boxes inside other boxes. Now I have enough boxes to fill four dish barrel boxes with Windstone boxes.


    It wasn’t a “heart stopping moment”, but I once watched one of my ferrets, Reinrassic, climb up onto the table and push a keeper dragon off onto the floor (I had plenty of time to stop him, I just didn’t care lol). The dragon was painted by me, so I didn’t much mind, but the wings suffered some bad damage. It was fun to watch, who knew ferrets could push something that heavy… my ferrets could get away with murder.


    The lesson here seems to be “don’t have cats and windstones at the same time.”

    Looking for...

    Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white

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