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    Maybe this topic has been on here before, but I am always interested in hearing about other people’s collections of weird stuff.
    Do you have pictures?


    Hi !!
    Besides WE Poads,Griffins,Curled Dragons, Vintage White Pegasi and Black Pegasi Sunset Wings and Hatching Kinglet I also collect:

    Resin Model Horses:
    Extreme Justice – Jumper
    Nighthawk -Jumper

    Breyer- OF Vintage
    Fighting Stallions
    Running Stallions

    Breyer Porcelain Circus Ponies

    Breyer Glossy Stardust Unicorn

    Weaning Arabian Filly
    by Barbara Lewis

    Bronze Fairy Lamp

    Collected since age 3
    Have figurines in curio:
    and scattered all around my pool outside


    I also collect model horses in resin and porcelain. Also Royal Copenhagen porcelain animals. And i still have a small stuffed animal collection and collection of books from my childhood.


    I collect:
    Vintage jewelry by a specific jeweler (Vass Ludacer)
    Crystal Skulls & Minerals
    Art (especially more gothy stuff)
    Action figures (of characters I like, all over the place – Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones & Others)
    London Underground related stuff
    Badgers (Plush, figures, etc)

    Seeking Test Paints & GBs ! Please get in touch if you'd trade/sell. I'll remove pieces from list by owner request
    ANY Red Eyed Unis
    ANY Test Paint Bat
    Ponycorns: Golden Zebra, Skunk, Brown Spotty Zebra Mutant
    Youngs- Tain
    Male- Snow Leopard TP
    Mother: Okapi
    Gothic - Mahogany
    PEGS: Male Midnight Calico, Male Bloodstone, Mother Starlight Rain
    DRAGONS: Male Coyote


    Mostly dragons (only western dragons though) in resin, pewter, studio pottery, one of a kind crafty dragon things, stained glass pieces, wooden pieces, porcelain or ceramic pieces, plushies, and dragon prints.

    Other non-dragon things include, fossils, semi-precious stones, horse and cat pewter figurines, and a few resin and porcelain horses.

    Sounds like a lot but I really don’t have that much.


    Well,besides all of my Windstones I have,over the years,collected different odd things.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    My plates…can’t get it to scroll up to the end,been edited….
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic…there are 3more this size of different pictures,I have the coasters and saucers to match also.
    A few Breyers
    60 plants
    ACEO Cards
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    6 Bobbleheads
    6 LOTR Movie Gift sets and dvds,lots more of them than this,don’t like reality shows,so-called news,commercials…lol
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Crystals,rocks,and sea shells
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Pewter dragons,fairies, etc
    Cards from Ms.Melody and Ms.SusieImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    Art plates,bowl, and platters
    Artist’s pictures and prints
    Mardi Gras beads,etc
    and dogs!and 2cats

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    Model horses are my main obsession, although my collection isn’t huge. I love Breyers, of course, but I also have some Peter Stones, a few customs and resins.
    I also have a My Little Pony collection – mostly G1 adult ponies, but also some G3s, G4s and customs I’ve gotten through swaps, etc.
    I have most of the “signature” Ever After High dolls, although I stopped buying them when the quality went down…as well as some random Monster High dolls.
    And quite a few stuffed animals, mostly Beanie Babies, Pokemon and My Little Pony 😀

    I don’t have any good pictures of my office – which I call my “toy store” – but I have individual pics of most of my model horses and a few other things on my website: http://ashleyevans28.wixsite.com/dashesndots/model-horse-collection


    Swoboda gemstone trees, also postcards and other images of my no-longer-a-woman’s-college alma mater.


    In addition to lots and lots of your work, Melody, I also have:

    David Winter Castles
    Princeton Unicorns
    Some Anne Stokes prints and figurines
    Beswick horses
    Rocks and Minerals, Geodes, etc.

    Life is beautiful.


    I haven’t collected much in the past few years, but aside from Windstone Gryphons, Dragons, Unicorns, Ki’Rin, and the occasional Pebble or Poad, I used to collect:

    • Books
    • Dragon figurines – mostly Western
    • SpiritHoods
    • Rocks, minerals, and gems
    • Fossils and seashells
    • Anything African Wild Dog related
    • Native American/Pacific Northwest things
    • Original artwork (mostly ACEO/OSWOA)
    • Dreamcatchers and suncatchers
    • Copper ornaments (chimes, etc.)
    • Wildlife and fantasy calendars
    • The Trail of Painted Ponies
    • Vintage oil lamps, jewelry, and glass
    • Artisan-made jewelry and trinkets

    ↞↞≪∙ Forever Seeking •↟•

    • ► By Melody ◄ •

    ☙ "Blue Violet Flame" Old Warrior Dragon
    ☙ "Test Paint #5" GB 2015 Puma
    ☙ "Blue Fawn" Ki'Rin Family

    • ► By Patricia Smith ◄ •

    ☙ "November" Female Griffin
    ☙ "Sky Bronze" Emperor Dragon
    ☙ "Emerald Bronze" Mother Unicorn


    Well I am new to collecting Windstones… started in October of last year.

    Before Windstones, as a child my mom got me started on collecting a series of dragons, wizards, fairies and unicorns from a Book series. The Figures are called Krystonians.

    Now as an Adult I have a collection of Minerals, quartz being my favorite. I also have an extra room in my condo that was converted over to my other obsession.. it is my Disney Room! In there I have been collecting a beautiful, but sadly discontinued line of hand painted sculptures called the Walt Disney Classic Collection. I also have art work on the walls from Thomas Kinkade done from the classic movies, as well as the last few times I was at Disney I discovered you could get custom animator sketches drawn… so I have three of those as well. I should get a picture up soon of my room lol. I do also collect Disney Pins, and I have some of the limited edition Disney Designer Dolls. There is also a collection of Star Wars characters in there from Hot Toys.. and a Tauntaun sculpture lol.


    I collected many things as a child and now my children have carried on collecting them. I of course collect Windstones. Mostly hoofers but also pebbles and poads.
    My little ponies from the 80s. My girls play with them now. I have a lot of the sea ponies, flutter ones and the boy ones, and some UK ones.
    Rocks,geodes, crystals. My son collects them now. We get them at specialty shops and when we travel Tamarack rest stop in WV.
    Seashells. We live next to the beach so we access to thousands. My children are only allowed to bring home perfect ones now because we have so many. I love finding a perfect beautiful shell.
    Shark teeth. My children and I love going to a fossil dig site where they pull up sand from the mines. We found all sizes, up to two inches long.
    Wade figurines, made in England, from the Red Rose tea company. I haven’t actively collected those for awhile but I still have quite a few from when I did.
    Beanie babies and buddies. Still have some rare ones but more common ones I have sold.
    Coins and state quarters. My dad gave me his collection of coins which I gave my son. So now he has added different state quarters and special coins.
    Snow babies for Christmas, I have a lot I put out. And snow bunnies for Easter. I love their little ears.

    I think that’s all of my big collections. Of course my husband says I’m a hoarder lol, but I tell him I’m a collector, big difference.😁


    I collect:

    Bird Dust
    Art supplies
    Stuff I find outside

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    My art: featherdust.com


    I collect:

    Bird Dust
    Art supplies
    Stuff I find outside

    Bird dust is what one’s collections collect.


    In addition to lots and lots of your work, Melody, I also have:

    David Winter Castles
    Princeton Unicorns
    Some Anne Stokes prints and figurines
    Beswick horses
    Rocks and Minerals, Geodes, etc.

    Since I can’t edit, I’m quoting myself.

    I also have several Andrew Bill Dragons – mostly from the “Bookwyrm” series.

    Life is beautiful.

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