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    Looking to make shelf space, and I feel bad for starting so many new threads, so going forward I’m putting all my sales/trades here.

    All items are of negotiable value. Yes, you can bundle a deal. I will happily take a (even damaged) Windstone, or you might have stuff you want to get rid of that you feel like trading. Or money still works of course. Just throw me an offer, theres a chance I might agree immediately!

    Next few posts are items up for whoever wants it. Toss me a PM if interested!



    Glass. Got too much, time to go. I’ve shipped it overseas intact before, so no worries.

    Pen is for scale.

    Blue bowl, no chips. Has gold flake in bottom trim and the official red Italian Murano glass sticker still on it. A few bubbles in the sides but hey, it’s blown glass and a guy’s gotta breathe so it happens.

    Yellow bowl, no chips. Matching glass type to blue, no Murano sticker but gold flake in the upper trim.

    Clear bird by “Seguso A.V.” who per Google is an Italian Murano glassmaker. No chips, signed on bottom.

    Gold square layered paperweight with floral stripe. Yes real Murano tends to use real gold leaf. Sticker on bottom says “Murano Venezia Made In Italy”. I’ve 2 more in this style (same sticker too) and they’re great for papers, I’m just not into floral.



    Glass dove with floral. No marks, no chips.

    Glass pear, gold interior, and blue in bottom but reflects upward somehow. A couple small side scratches and stem is broken.

    2 pretty empty bottles, great for crafts or alcohol, they fully seal.


    Misc misc.

    Ceramic dragon oil warming thing with tealight. Burn mark in bowl is my fault for trying incense. No chips or marks beyond that. Can add a new tealight if you want.

    2 exact same floral design Yixing purple ceramic teacups with lids. Slight chip on each lid, you have to hunt for it. Someone taped the lids on when I found them and I didn’t get all the glue off them when I washed them. Had chinese stickers saying Yixing (lost when cleaned) so I think its the authentic purple glaze.

    Tea Deck from Barnes and Noble. Never used. Basically tea info summed up kn cards.

    Brass horse (again because I’m trying to consolidate sales/trades here). In some theories its from Spain. Black paint on brass with the filigree carved into its sides and gold tone paint on top. Some black has worn off in spots along the edges. Very classy, very heavy, is mord likely to break the floor than vice versa. Cannot be shipped with glass or fragiles.


    Dove with floral sold!


    Horse sold! Seguso bird and square paperweight pending.


    Seguso bird and square paperweight sold!


    Just letting folks know that I got something from VS, and they arrived very well packed- thanks!


    I did too.Ship fast,good packing.I love my horse.

    Every act matters,no matter how small.
    Grail wish...MALE HEARTH💘One day...


    Thanks guys!


    New to the list: an UGG sherpa-style real leather purse. Might be pseudo-UGG, but it’s still real suede-type leather and sheep fuzz. Definitely clean (I clean everything). Gently used (leather looks good I think but go by the photos, not my opinion) but I don’t need it, I have a preferred bag already.

    I’m a non-smoking pet-fish-only home, btw.


    New item!

    Not sure what this is. Looks like a laquered trivet but it’s too pretty to risk under a hot pot! Not my decor style really. All but the black(ish) background and outlines sparkle with a different or silvery color in a pseudo-opal manner, and her bracelets have glitter. Has a metal triangle on the back for hanging. No damage I can see in the smoothness of the laquer (only her earring breaks the shine because it’s raised) but one glitter spot might be a rub (to the right of her butt)?
    Just under 8×8 inches.
    Throw me an offer, and then we’ll calculate shipping. Pet free except for a fish, nonsmoking home.




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