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        I wanted to ask you guys something while on this topic…The same thing is happening to me, (NOT from Windstone, but elsewhere on ebay) It shows that “this item has been shipped” and I was given a tracking number. When I check tracking, all it says is that tracking has been provided. It’s not showing “In transit” or anything like that.  I have contacted the seller via ebay messaging at day 7…today is day 10 and no response from the seller.  How long should I let this sit? What would you guys do?

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          Angelika Zen, I see three possibilities. 1) The seller hasn’t dropped it off at the carrier, 2) The seller set it out for pickup and someone stole it before pickup, or 3) the carrier lost/misplaced it before scanning it in.
          Unfortunately, I don’t think you can do anything but message the seller until it hasn’t been delivered by the stated date. Since it has been three days from your previous message, I’d send another one. If it was a small package, it might be helpful to contact the carrier. It would be easier for a small package to fall behind something and not be noticed.

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        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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