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      …of car shopping.

      I have a Mustang V6 and a 40 mile commute and after last winter, I paid it off early and spent the remaining months saving up as much as I can for something else and I’ve agreed to bat around the idea of Jeep Cherokee with a dealership a bit.

      I am hung up somewhere between taking on a car payment again when my state (whoohoo, go Illinois! Your government needs to be kicked in the shins with steel-toed boots!) and not being able to stomach the idea of another winter with a rear wheel drive, nose heavy sports car. It was so bad I got a parking sticker for my mother’s truck so I could run off with it if there was a half inch of snow on the ground. I will only ever get another Mustang if I can afford to keep it as a pet.

      I hate car shopping. The idea both is exciting and terrifying and I expect that even if I made more money, that would never change.

      /vent (or /whine, however you want to take this post).


        I hear you on the car shopping! I’ve been working with a car broker who has several ties with dealerships that I get my cars through. Dread walking in a dealership and having the salespeople descend on me like vultures on a fresh carcass. I’m currently leasing–find it’s the best option for me since I don’t drive much anymore since I’m retired. Just need something to get me from point A to point B and I don’t deal with snow where I live. The older I get, the more simple I want my life to be and car shopping isn’t simple!


          I live in IL too (far western suburbs of Chicago), and we got a Subaru Forrester last year to replace our aging (1996!) Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Beast was a good car, but we were putting too much money into it. I haven’t actually been serious car shopping. My Father-in-law came up and went to the dealership with my husband. The guy is a shark when it comes to car buying. Between the two of them, no one can push them around, so we got a good deal. As much of a pain it will be, you will feel better about having a safe car in another month or so!

          Love baby kirins, safari poads, mini keepers, and anything BLUE, BLUE, and, oh yes, BLUE.


            It will feel much better not to worry as much about the weather and not feel like I have to jet out of work to go home because there’s a snow shower going. But I also work for a state university, and with the budget situation as it is right now I’m uncomfortable with the idea of depleting savings and taking on a payment.

            I suppose at this point it’s going to come down to my sanity and better piece of mind in winter weather or my financial comfort.

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