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      That Storm Cloud is awesome!


        Stormcloud is a whopper! I like them all, but he really takes the cake.


          Im totally diggin the storm cloud dragon also, though I can tell alot of work was put into the first one, too. All very nice!


            Wow, awesome dragons!

            While hiding somewhere in my head I'm on the lookout for white oriental dragons! Please let me know if you know of any available. Thank you!


              Cool dragons. ๐Ÿ™‚ Luv the green and black


              Really beautiful dragons!


              Lovely! I love the cloud one. I did a similar theme, but way different outcome ๐Ÿ™‚


                yay! thanks so much guys for liking the storm dragon! like i said he was very different to do for me, so i’m glad people enjoy him now that he is finally done! david was equally tickled over your responses too! that made him feel extra happy that he is stormys’ daddy!!
                finally i have the two other dragons for dcc1961..she wanted a dragon similar to my stormy sea dragon from a while ago, but picking up more on the sage tones. this time i put the colors over pearl white instead of silver and of course alot more silvery sage color!
                my favorite though is the sunlight dragon. dcc was also was taken by the sunshine, happy clouds and blue sky dragon for gryphondreamer, but she took this one in a slightly different direction of really focusing on pure golden light with just a little pale pearly blue for contrast. her eyes actually match the paint ( her eyes are the pale blue ones) but they photographed darker than life. man i love this combo, but i hate the color yellow…wierd. i think its just so cheery it always lifts my spirits when i look at something like that. without further ado, here they be:


                  ooo. I thought i was seeing double. I Remember your stormy sea dragon when it was on ebay! very pretty new rendition of it! and the other one you have is equaly stunning!


                    Wow! Very pretty! ๐Ÿ˜€


                    Wooooowww!! They’re all so pretty, but I love that last one, yellow/blue/white is one of my favorite color combos ^___^


                      Ooh, I really like those. ‘Course, I really liked the originals too. The sage one still reminds me of chocolate mint money (*shrug* green on wrappers for cheapy choc dollars I’ve had… dunno why they came to mind), and the yellow still of Pez ๐Ÿ˜€ Looove the yellow Pez dragon <3


                      I love the sage and pearl dragon. The yellow and blue work nicely together. I would never have thought of trying something like that.


                        Very nice, TF! I love the frosty green one.


                        They are all lovely, one quick question, why did you paint the leg scales on the left leg of the storm dragon blue, but not the right leg?

                        Was that an oops?

                        BTW, I really like that storm dragon, he is really gorgous, the others are terrific too, I really like the last red one alot, and the sage one is terrific.


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