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      well, its been a long time since i’ve posted anything in here, or much of anything anywhere on the forum for that matter! i’ve been busy painting up a gaggle of commissions three of which i’ll post now, and three more on monday probably once i get all the final approvals, so do check back to see those! i hope y’all like and have fun checking these out! kibbitzing and suggestions welcome of course.
      ok, so the first two of these are for dcc1961….. she first requested a black n green dragon to compliment the red n black dragon i did for her, which i showed in my last pyo post a while back. he was done to match, to still be a very black and dark feeling dragon, but with green instead. the pics on this one are a little blah, i’m still learning how to take pics on my own without my dads’ help…

      then she wanted a red dragon, one that really captured the essence of red, without turning into a ruby dragon. we chose bright yellow eyes to really pop out against the red, which came out looking pretty sharp.. i came with a cool red through layering a couple different kinds of paint to come up with really juicy metallic red like a pomagranate seed…but different from a ruby dragon in that mine has more of an alizarin crimson quality when the two are compared.. you know a little more of a purple/blue quality to it. of course, it just doesn’t show in the pics, grrrr. anyhoo here he is.
      thennnnn, we had one for daveyboy….. he came up with the idea of having a stormcloud camouflage dragon…. one that could stalk his prey incognito against a stormy cloudy sky and not be seen. so that meant thinking a little outside the box and not fully painting the colors on the dragon in cahoots with his scale patterning. i did accent his special points though in a stormy blue interference ( as davey wanted to reference cracks of blue sky peeking through the storm clouds) and the helped to add some punch and tie in the eyes. instead of giving all the interference a dark base underneath, i brushed it over whatever color was there in the pattern, so gave a real range of super subtle bubble like blues, to more intense stormy blues. in every pic he looks like he has regular iridescent paint, but it is interference; i shot it in a light box so it lit the whole thing up- i just couldn’t get him to not show the color aspect of it! durrrr!he was a bugger to do but i love how he is so moody!
      phew! now, i have three more to add in a few days.. that will include daveys red dragon; once he saw dcc1961s he wanted his own version,lol…… and two more for dcc1961: a sage n silver dragon, and luminous sunlight dragon, inspired by the sun n clouds dragon i did for gryphondreamer. what a workout!i love the new sun one, gah i want to post it now! funny, i love dark color always wear black, but i love the sunny and light filled pieces, like the pearl griffins etc. go figure.[/img]
      after these i will be available to take on new commissions, but i have lots of pieces in the works for ebay and myself too! woo can’t wait to do some for me!



        They are all really nice but I love the storm cloud dragon! He’s beautiful!


          Those are really cool and I have to agree with ddvm that storm cloud dragon is awesome!


            Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฏ That storm cloud is breathtaking! ๐Ÿ˜€


              oh awesomeness i’m glad you guys like him! it took him a while for me to do him cuz i kept trying to paint the piece with the scales! noooooooo! stop! ack! was the theme the whole way! lol! in the end i really liked how he came out and missed his “grayness” on my desk. i’m sure davey will be thrilled that y’all liked his idea!! he came up with the whole concept, picked the stone and eyes without my kibbitzing or anything! he has really interesting and different taste, its really refreshing from my hum drum ideas! lol! its fun to see what directions you get taken with commissions with everyone’s different ideas.
              here is his red dragon- he’s a little different from the other above….a little more masculine with gunmetal gray accents, as opposed to catty vixen black, lol.


                That’s a pretty red dragon as well.


                  I like the stormcloud dragon, he’s really cool. ๐Ÿ˜€


                    Ooooh, such pretty dragons! The green is so neat! I have to say I think my favorite is the cloud one, but it’s a tough choice! The red one with grey eyes I like better than the bright yellow eyes, but the eyes change the personality totally! Well done!


                      Darn, now I want a red one ๐Ÿ™‚


                      ZOMG! That stormcloud is gorgeoumus! I’ve never really wanted a windstone dragon, until I saw this guy!


                        That storm cloud one is wow. I like the others, but that one stands out more.

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                          OMG 0_0 STORMCLOUD…that one is so awesome!!

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                          They’re all beautiful! The storm cloud one is especially gorgeous!


                          I like the green one the second best. My first choice is *drum roll*……the cloud one.

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