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      I love making homemade salsa and guacamole! They are so good and so healthy for you that if you ate both every day, you would get a lot of important vitamins and minerals in your diet. Here are my own quick easy recipes for both:

      Have a cutting board, knife, bowls, spoons and hand or electric food processor ready. This is enough to make a bowl full of each that would last 2 people that a couple of days. I wash and pre-chop the veggies and then blend them but if you don’t have a food processor, you can chop them finely and then just mix everything together in a bowl.

      Salsa Ingredients:

      2 large or 3 medium tomatoes
      2 small green onions
      1 small jalapeno or hot pepper (cut out veins and seeds for mild, leave some in for medium or hot)
      1 small clove of garlic
      a small handful of cilantro
      juice of one small lime or half a larger lime (to taste)
      a few dashes of sea salt or Himalayan salt (to taste)
      a few dashes of ground black pepper (to taste)
      dash of cumin
      dash of cane sugar

      Chop all ingredients, tear up the cilantro and juice one lime and then blend all ingredients in a food processor until you have your desired thickness. (I like mine blended just a little so the tomatoes are juicy but it’s still chunky.) Sprinkle in the salt and pepper until you like the taste. If it’s bland, add more. If it is bitter, add more sugar. The cumin gives it a slight smokey taste.

      Guacamole Ingredients:

      2 large or 3 small ripe avocados
      a few tablespoons of the salsa above
      a few dashes of sea salt or Himalayan salt (to taste)
      a few dashes of ground black pepper (to taste)

      Make the salsa first and then put it in a bowl and leave a few tablespoons in the food processor for the guacamole. Then cut the avocados in half, remove the pits, and scoop out the avocado with a spoon and put in the food processor. Add some more salt and pepper to taste and blend to your desired thickness. (I like mine nice and smooth.) Then put in a bowl, eat and enjoy and put the rest in the fridge to store. You can serve with tortillas, chips, crackers, tacos or whatever you feel like!

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        Thanks for these recipes, I gotta try them soon!

        I happen to be one of those people who would eat Salsa on EVERYTHING if I could! I actually only eat Tortilla Chips to get the Salsa! Goes Great on Scrambled Eggs and Omelets too! However, I don’t like Cilantro at all – can’t stand the stuff – so I’ll be substituting Parsley…. which still works with the various Salsa recipes I’ve tried. 😀

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          Oh, very nice recipes! Thank you!
          I love guacamole but mostly make the quick version with only Avocado, finely chopped tomato, a few drops of tabasco, salt and pepper.
          I need to try that with your salsa recipe instead!

          My husband and I love to eat french fries with Guacamole instead of ketchup 🙂


            You’re welcome. Ela_Hara, there’s are lots of people not into or not used to cilantro. When I first tried it I thought it had the weirdest taste but I started eating lots of Thai food, soups and subs with cilantro and got used to it and now I absolutely love the smell and taste of it. You don’t really need to add it to salsa though. Parsley may give it a bit of a different flavour but it is good for you too, or add more jalapeno or hot pepper for more kick.

            Moonbeam, yeah a really simple recipe for guacamole would be with salt and pepper and lime juice and optional additions would be of tomato, onion, garlic and/or cilantro. I like using a bit of fresh salsa because I find it a bit bland normally and if you use fresh salsa or tomato gives it a nice flavour. I have not tried it with Tabasco as I like it mild but that’s also a good idea to give it more flavour, especially if you don’t have fresh hot peppers. I actually usually make salsa without jalapeno or hot pepper but found even if I add the skin of the pepper and not the seeds (so it’s not hot), it adds a bit more flavour.

            (As a note, depending on how big, strong and juicy your lime is, you might want to use half of one for the salsa and half for the guacamole. I deliberately made my salsa stronger with lime so I could add some to the guacamole. You could use a lemon instead if you don’t have lime but I find limes add the best flavour.)

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              My gosh Kim, your recipe has me drooling like crazy! It’s been a while since I had fresh salsa (THE BEST) so I might have to try this! I love eating it with tortilla chips of course but also mixed into fried eggs with some cheese – major league YUM!

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