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    drag0nfeathers wrote:

    OMG! SUSHI!!! :yum: nom nom nom!

    I love Phillyrolls, I know the tuna is usually smoked, but they are my absolute favorite!

    AUH!!! Now I want some *pout* A place just opened walking distance from me and it’s actually pretty good! I’ll have to grab some now tomorrow on my way home from work. 8)

    siberakh and I actually have gone there together once. It was delicious!

    Was that the place that was the old dance hall or something? They’re sushi was OM NOM NOM NOM! :yum:

    That was Hong Kong City, but now we have a new place called Yamato where the sushi is even BETTER! OMG! *drools at the thought* I want to go there right now

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    Yes please!

    Now you’ve all got me both simultaneously craving sushi and wanting to double check where mine comes from (though the grocery store I shop at has is fairly reputable for such things, I’ll have to ask next time I go πŸ™‚ )


    Oh my gosh you guys! I’m drooling for sushi and there’s none to be found here! D: (That’s one thing I really miss about the west coast – lots and lots of sushi. And bubble tea, though the pearls disgust me so I get mango stars instead. Mmmmm, cold watermelon slush and mango starsssss!) I’m a vegetarian so my selection is very limited at restaurants but I LOVE avocado rolls (they’re like the food of the gods, OMG) and vegetable rolls when they have that sort of ranch dressing sorta stuff in them but less so than the avocado rolls. Good sushi restaurant has to have avocado rolls! I’m not really very fond of most of the other veggie flavours and I’m not a fan cream cheese in sushi. (Though I adore cream cheese on toasted everything bagels!)

    Also, wow! I thought sushi here was cheap, but I guess it isn’t – cheapest you’ll find is about $2.50 a roll – used to be $2.00. $1 sushi sounds amazing! (I would get sooo full on $10 worth! XD) It’s amazing how filling sushi is!)

    I’ve made sushi at home once with friends but I don’t have the means to make it in my current position. (But it’s on my near-future bucket list!) Another good ingredient for this is smoked tofu – it’s amazing how tasty that stuff is! It tastes a bit like mild, barely salted cheese. Works really well in sushi. Me and my Japanese buddy were nomming it like crazy. (Alternative to bacon?! :D) I’m sure anyone on the west coast would be able to find it.

    I didn’t know about the bluefin. πŸ™ That’s really tragic. We really need to be more careful about where our fish comes from or stop eating it altogether. (<-yeah I know, that won't happen, super unpopular opinion of the month, but it would help the environment a lot.) I'm one of those people who's even crazy enough to try and find sustainable pet food; I'm relieved that the brand I feed uses sustainable fisheries and farms. It makes me feel a little better about keeping carnivorous animals which could otherwise contribute to the problem with their diet. XD (But that's off topic! Sorry!)


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    You ever make your own? It isn’t that hard, (specially if your husband does the work…)

    HAHAHAHHA!! Melody you’re awesome. πŸ™‚ I too am hungry and pondering Sushi.


    I’m a vegetarian too so my choices are limited, but any kind of sushi with tofu in it is my favourite! I’ve never been keen on avocado which seems to be the staple in the vegetable rolls around here, so I usually take it out.


    Oh man you guys have me craving sushi so much now… When I was at uni my bf bought a 10kg bag of sushi rice and that kept us going for a couple of YEARS! Finding the ingredients wasn’t hard, we did most of the ‘DIY’ sushi recipes mentioned earlier, philli, avocado, mixed up tuna… Mmmm…

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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